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Mobile UA Fellowship Launches Website — and Exclusive GDC Dinner Event

Mobile user acquisition — and user retention, too, for that matter — is a tricky and expensive business, but an essential part of greasing the wheels for the mobile gaming industry. According to Super Data Research, “in the past two years, the cost per install on mobile increased from $1.30 in January, 2012, to $4.36 in December, an increase of 288% … More importantly, the average revenue per mobile gamer has failed to keep pace: in that same period monthly spending grew 38%.”

Navigating the ever-changing waters of mobile UA is the main purpose for the Mobile UA Fellowship, which has recently launched their website.

The UA Fellowship is described, in their own words, as the “the largest network of mobile UA leaders in the industry. It is a not-for-profit think tank aimed at exploring the latest trends in marketing, advertising and distribution for mobile applications. Founded in 2013, the fellowship aims to bring together the top decision makers at mobile application companies to foster strategic, forward-thinking discussions at its events and meetups.”

Having hosted several events in the past, the UA Fellowship has also announced their next one: an exclusive dinner for guests of the UA Fellowship during GDC 2014 in SF. To check out details of the presentation, open bar and dinner, to sign up for the chance to attend, check out the Eventbrite event page.



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