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Over 1000 Industry members will unite at GDC for a record-breaking Mentoring Event (Press Release)

SAN FRANCISCO, California. Monday, March 19 – The Canadian Gaming Expo (CGX), one of Canada’s premiere gaming conferences, is thrilled to announce it will be hosting the biggest-ever Mentor Lounge™ at GDC 2018. Supported and attended by companies such as Intel, Adobe and Microsoft, the upcoming CGX-hosted Mentor Lounge will not only support knowledge sharing between Mentors and Mentees, but it will be done in an environment that supports diversity and inclusivity.

“This initiative was created to help experts and leaders give back and help shape a more positive and successful games industry. The Mentor Lounge event gives both Mentors and Mentees an astonishing amount of knowledge and motivation that provides everyone the tools they need to grow and succeed,” says CGX founder, Jillian Mood.

The CGX Mentor Lounge at GDC 2018 will feature over 125 industry leading professionals (Mentors) sitting down to share their advice, knowledge, and experience across various topics in game development. The event is set up in a speed dating format, pairing up-and-coming developers (Mentees) with multiple professionals who suit their needs, giving them a chance to meet and learn from multiple perspectives on everything from programming, to art direction, to leading a team of diverse individuals to succeed, all within a positive environment.

The CGX Mentor Lounge will be held from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on March 19, 2018 at Lucky Strike followed by a big Canadian Bash. Check out the Mentor line up here.



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