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Game Conference Quick List

Featured Event:

Conference Name Usual Month Location Highlights Visitors Cost
Casual Connect Amsterdam February Amsterdam Multiple Speakers 2,000 $575-650
Casual Connect Asia November Singapore (Asia) Multiple Speakers 500-1,000 $575-650
Casual Connect London May London (UK) Multiple Speakers 1,500 £260-3,000
Casual Connect Tel Aviv October Tel Aviv (Israel) Multiple Speakers 1,500 $400-5,000
Casual Connect USA August San Francisco (USA) Multiple Speakers 2,500-3,000 $650-3,000
CHI PLAY October London (UK) Research and HCI 250-500 $350-1,050
CMX Summit September San Francisco (USA) Networking, Community 250-500 $599-1,399
Community Leadership Summit July Portland (USA) Networking, Community 250-500 FREE
D.I.C.E. Summit February Las Vegas (USA) Networking, Speakers 250-500 $1,100-3,500
Develop: Brighton July Brighton (UK) Networking, Speakers 250-500 £75-795
DevGAMM Minsk December Moscow (Russia) Networking, Speakers 500-1,000 TBA
DevGAMM Moscow May Moscow (Russia) Networking, Speakers 1,250-1,500 $95-150
ECGC April Raleigh (USA) Networking, Speakers Unknown $20-399
Full Indie Summit August Vancouver (Canada) Networking, Speakers 3,000 $20-25
FMX April Stuttgart (Germany) Animation, Effects 3,500 TBA
Game Connection America March San Francisco (USA) Networking, Speakers 1,000-1,500 $150-2,500
Game Connection Europe October Paris (France) Networking, Speakers 1,000-1,500 €180-4,800
Game Dev Day April Tallinn (Estonia) Networking, Speakers 1,000-1,500 €5-100
Game Industry Conference October Poznan (Poland) Networking, Speakers 150-500 110-400€
Games For Change June New York (USA) Speakers, Students 800-1,000 $479
Games Slovenia September Ljubljana (Slovenia) Networking, Speakers Unknown €20
GamesBeat April San Francisco (USA) Networking, Speakers 600-700 $525-750
GameSoundCon November Los Angeles (USA) Sound, Audio, Panels 2,000-3,000 $425-695
Gaming Insiders Summit September San Francisco (USA) Networking, Speakers 250-500 $849-1,599
GDC China October Shanghai (China) GDC Network 5,000-9,999 $99-2,500
GDC Europe August Cologne (Germany) GDC Network 5,000-9,999 $99-2,500
GDC USA March San Francisco (USA) GDC Network 25-30,000 $75-2,095
Gotland Game May Gotland (Sweden) Academia, Students 2,500-5,000 Free-1,500SEK
GPU Tech (GTC) March San Jose (USA) GPU Tech, Nvidia 2,500-5,000 $216-1,600
Hamburg Game Conference April Hamburg (Germany) Film & Print Unknown TBA
iFest May Multiple Cities Game Stations N/A FREE
Independent Games Festival March San Francisco (USA) Classes, Prizes Unknown FREE
IndieGameBusiness July N/A Online Conference Unknown $85-1,999
iVentures September Toronto (Canada) Networking, Speakers 500-1,000 $235-625
MAX Summit October Seoul (South Korea) Networking, Speakers 500 $61.43-136.50
Meaningful Play October East Lansing (USA) Students, Academic 1,000-1,500 TBA
MGF Icons June Los Angeles (USA) Mobile, Speakers Unknown TBA
MGF London January London (UK) Mobile, Speakers Unknown TBA
MGF Seattle October Seattle (USA) Mobile, Speakers Unknown TBA
Nordic Game May Malmo (Sweden) Networking, Speakers Unknown TBA
Northern Game Summit October Kajaani (Finland) Speakers, Panels 1,000 85-300 € July Vienna (Austria) Speakers, Classes 500 $199-599
QGCon October Sacramento (USA) LGBT, Speakers 100-250 FREE
Quo Vadis April Berlin (Germany) Networking, Speakers Unknown €149-1,549
Respawn August Cologne (Germany) Networking, Speakers 1-1,500 69-699€
Serious Play July Los Angeles (USA) Networking, Speakers 200-500 $1,500-9,999
SIEGE October Atlanta (USA) Training, Students 2,500 $54.95-74.95
SIGGRAPH Anaheim July Los Angeles (USA) Speakers, Graphics Unknown TBA
SIGGRAPH Asia November Kobe (Japan) Speakers, Graphics Unknown $10-1,000
Social Fresh September Tampa Bay (USA) Networking, Speakers Unknown $1,097-1,697
Social Media Strategies April Chicago (USA) Networking, Social Unknown $999-1,199
Social Media Strategies October New York (USA) Networking, Social Unknown $999-1,199
Social Media Strategies September San Francisco (USA) Networking, Social Unknown $999-1,199
SWARM October Sydney (Australia) Community Teams 500-1,000 280-999 AUD
Sweden Game Arena September Skovde (Sweden) Academia, Workshops 250-500 SEK195-1,500
TwitchCon San Diego September San Diego (USA) Live Panel Broadcasts 2-5,000 $50-85
TwitchCon Berlin April Berlin (Germany) Live Panel Broadcasts 2-5,000 $45-350
UNITE Bangkok April Bangkok (Thailand) Unity Engine Unknown $100-150
UNITE Boston September Boston (USA) Unity Engine Unknown $125-450
UNITE Copenhagen September Copenhagen (Denmark) Unity Engine Unknown TBA
UNITE Melbourne October Melbourne (Australia) Unity Engine Unknown TBA
UNITE Seoul May Seoul (South Korea) Unity Engine Unknown 2.1-4.12
UNITE Shanghai May Shanghai(China) Unity Engine Unknown TBA
UNITE Japan September Tokyo (Japan) Unity Engine Unknown 8-20,000Y
Variety Summits September Los Angeles (USA) Networking, Speakers Unknown $495+
Vision Summit February Los Angeles (USA) Networking, Speakers 250-500 TBA
XRDC (GDC) October San Francisco (USA) Virtual Reality 2-3,000 TBA
White Nights Helsinki June Helsinki (Finland) Mobile Show 1,500 $150-600
White Nights Moscow October Moscow (Russia) Mobile Show 1,500 $150-600
White Nights St. Petersburg June St. Petersburg (Russia) Mobile Show 1,500 $150-600
XDS September Vancouver (Canada) B2B Networking 700 $849
XLIVE Esports Summit June Los Angeles (USA) B2B Esports 400 $799-995

Convention Events Quick List

Featured Event:

Convention Name Usual Month Location Highlights Visitors Cost
Anime Midwest July Chicago (USA) Showfloor, Anime 10,000 $30-120
ANIME Impulse January Pomona (USA) Showfloor, Anime 50,000 $11-22
Augmented World Expo USA June Silicon Valley Conference Platform 3,000 $130-500
A Video Game Con September New Jersey (USA) Retro Gaming 2-5,000 $15-50
Brasil Game Show October Sao Paulo (Brasil) Showfloor, Cosplay 310,000 FREE
Carolina Games Summit April Raleigh (USA) Showfloor, Cosplay Unknown $10
ChinaJoy July Shanghai (China) Showfloor, Cosplay 250,000+ TBA
Comic Con Africa September Midrand (South Africa) Showfloor, Cosplay 3-5,000 R50-500
Comic-Con New York October New York (USA) Showfloor, Cosplay 151,000 TBA
Comic-Con San Diego July San Diego (USA) Showfloor, Cosplay 130,000 TBA
Comicpalooza June Houston (USA) Booth Space, Cosplay 35,000 $20-750
ConnectiCon July Hartford (USA) Pop Culture 10,000 $50-75
Chicago Comic Expo (C2E2) February Chicago (USA) Showfloor, Comics 10,000+ $10-275
Crunchyroll Expo September San Jose (USA) Cosplay, Anime 5,000+ $20-105
Denver Pop Culture Con May Denver (USA) Comics, Pop Culture 10,000 $35-65
Dragon Con September Atlanta (USA) Pop Culture, Cosplay 65,000 $25-65
Dubai World Game Expo October Dubai (UAE) Showfloor, Demos 20-30,000 TBA
Emerald City Comic-Con March Seattle (USA) Showfloor, Demos 10-15,000 $25-349
E3 Expo June Los Angeles (USA) Showfloor, Press 52,000 $100/Press
eSports and Gaming Summit October Pasay (Philippines) eSports, Speakers 5,000-10,000 TBA
FanimeCon May San Jose (USA) Anime, Cosplay 25,000 $40-75
Flame Con June New York (USA) LGBT, Comics, Arts 2,000-2,500 $20-35
gamescom August Cologne (Germany) Massive Showfloor 325,000 8.00 EUR
GameX September Istanbul (Turkey) Showfloor, Cosplay 150,000 20-150₺
GDEX September Columbus (USA) Showfloor, Tournaments 5,000 $30-180
GeekGirlCon October Seattle (USA) Focus on Women 5,000 $35-50
ICE Totally Gaming February London (UK) Mixed Festival 10,000-20,000 TBA
IndieCade October Culver City (USA) Mixed Festival 7,500 $99-425
Indy PopCon June Indianapolis (USA) Pop Culture 10,000 $25-60
Long Beach Comic Con September Long Beach (USA) Showfloor, Cosplay 12-15,000 $25-399
MCM Birmingham Comic Con November Birmingham (UK) Showfloor, Comics 35,000 £12-32
MCM London Comic Con October London (UK) Showfloor, Comics 55,000 £15-50
PAX Australia October Melbourne (Australia) Multiple Themes 30,000 $60-160
PAX East March Boston (USA) Multiple Themes 65,000 $40-85
PAX South January San Antonio (USA) Multiple Themes 45,000 $40-85
PAX West August Seattle (USA) Multiple Themes 85,000 $40-85
Phoenix Comicon May Phoenix (USA) Comics, Cosplay 45,000 $15-35
Play Expo October Machester (UK) Pop Culture Booths 45,000 £10-64
PlayX4 May Seoul (South Korea) Business B2B 5,000 £10-64
rAge Johannesburg October South Africa Geek Culture 15,000 TBA
RTX Expo May Austin (USA) Rooster Teeth 45,000 TBA
Silicon Valley Comic Con March San Jose (USA) Comics, Cosplay 60,000 $25-95
Taipei Game Show January Taipei (Taiwan) Showfloor, Cosplay 425,000 TBA
Tokyo Game Show September Tokyo (Japan) Showfloor, Cosplay 250,000 JPY 1,000-3,000

Festival Events Quick List

Festival Name Usual Month Location Highlights Visitors Cost
A MAZE Berlin April Berlin (Germany) Student Projects Unknown 4€/day
A MAZE Johannesburg September Johannesburg (Africa) Festival Unknown TBA
Animex February Middlesbrough (UK) Student Projects Unknown TBA
BIG E-Sports May Brazil Prizes and Awards FREE 1,000-2,000
BlizzCon November Anaheim (USA) Blizzard Games 30,000 $199-750
Boston FIG September Boston (USA) Play Formats Unknown $12
Brains Eden July Cambridge (UK) Student Projects 25-30,000 FREE
Chainsaw Film & Game Festival August Anaheim (USA) Film & Games Unknown $15
CounterPlay April Aarhus (Denmark) Sessions and Demos Unknown TBA
EVE Online Fanfest March Birmingham (UK) EVE Online 20,000 $150-180
Fantastic Arcade September Austin (USA) Arcade at Movies 500-1,000 FREE
GaymerX December San Francisco (USA) LGBT and Friends 5,000 $35-595
Global Game Jam January Multiple Cities Speed Development Millions N/A
HavenCon April Austin (USA) LGBT 2-3,000 $15-125
Indie Gameleon Festival September Hamburg (Germany) Workshops, Game Jam Unknown €10,00-40,00
gamesweekberlin April Berlin (Germany) Multiple Events 50-60,000 TBA
LexPlay October Lexington (USA) Console, Game Jam 1,000-5,000 $22.09-106.49
MAGWest September San Jose (USA) Console, Tabletop, LAN 500-1,000 $50-75
Norwich Gaming April Norwich (UK) Gaming 20,000 FREE
Paris Games Week October Paris (France) Exhibition 275,000 11-68,00€
PDXLAN July Dallas (USA) PC Gaming 550 TBA
PixelPop September Webster Groves (USA) Workshops, Speakers 2,500-5,000 $15-25
Play by Play April Wellington (New Zealand) Workshops, Speakers 1,500-3,000 TBA
Play Festival April Hamburg (Germany) Workshops, Game Jam Unknown TBA
Quakecon August Dallas (USA) iD Software 2,500 TBA
SXSW March Austin (USA) Multiple Themes 50,000 $245-1,345
TooManyGames June Philadelphia (USA) Concerts, Panels 2,000 $15-250

Competitive Quick List

Event Name Usual Month Location Highlights Visitors Cost
Assembly August Helsinki (Finland) LAN Party 4,000 80-110 €
Copenhagen Games April Copenhagen (Denmark) Tournaments 500-1,000 TBA
Dreamhack London September London (UK) Competitions, Awards 20,000 £10-40
Dreamhack Montreal September Montreal (Canada) Competitions, Awards 20,000 $46-150
Dreamhack Stockholm September Stockholm (Sweden) Competitions, Awards 20,000 109-179SEK
Dreamhack Winter November Jonkoping (Sweden) Competitions, Awards 20,000 300-1189SEK
E-sports and Gaming Summit October Pasay City (Philippines) Tournaments 5,000 TBA
EGX London September London (UK) Showfloor, Tournaments 75,000 £17.50-60
EGX Rezzed April Birmingham (UK) Showfloor, Tournaments 20,000 £17.50-60
Gameon December Vilnius (Italy) Tournaments, Cosplay 5,000 7,40-152,40€
Gaming Istanbul February Istanbul (Turkey) Tournaments, Game Fair 50,000+ 10-215 TL
Insomnia Multiple Coventry (UK) LAN, E-sports 5-10,000 £22-97
Milan Games Week October Milan (Italy) Expo, E-sports, Cosplay 10,000 5-34€
Revision April Saarbrücken (Germany) LAN Party 1-2,000 30-130 EUR
Video Game Fest October Bengaluru (India) Competitions, Tournaments 5,000 TBA

Tabletop Quick List

Event Name Usual Month Location Highlights Visitors Cost
AndoCon March Atlanta (USA) Card/Board Games 500-1,000 TBA
Gen Con Indy July Indianapolis (USA) Board/Card Games 56,000 $25-75
MomoCon May Atlanta (USA) Board/Card Games 5,000 TBA
MyCon Game Convention August Logan (USA) Board/Card Games 1,000 TBA
OrcaCon January Seattle (USA) Board/Card Games 700+ $45-65
Origins Game Fair June Columbus (USA) Board/Card Games 10,000 $15-65
Strategicon Multiple Los Angeles (USA) Board Games 2-4,000 $15-500
Too Many Games June Philadelphia (USA) Board/Retro Games 2-4,000 $30-150

Other Events Quick List

Event Name Usual Month Location Highlights Visitors Cost
BAFTA Awards February Multiple Cities Award Ceremony 2,000+ Multiple Costs
Canadian Videogame Awards November Multiple Cities Award Ceremony 2,000+ FREE-CA500
GMASA January Bangkok (Thailand) Summit and Awards 1,000-2,500 $50-500
IEEE SeGAH August Kyoto, Japan Health Games/Apps 500-1,000 190-1,000$
Int. Mobile Gaming Awards Multiple At Other Events Award Presentations N/A FREE
Women in Games International Support Network International Women in Gaming Unknown Memberships

Industry Related Quick List

Event Name Usual Month Location Highlights Visitors Cost
AnDevCon Multiple Multiple Cities (USA) Android Apps 250-500 FREE-$1,545
AnDevCon Boston August Boston (USA) Android Apps 250-500 FREE-$1,545
CeBIT March Hannover (Germany) PC Electronics 350,000 FREE-1,990 EUR
CES January Las Vegas (USA) Electronics Show 175,000 $100+
CES Asia May Shanghai (China) Showfloor, Electronics 250,000+ TBA
Code Mesh November London (UK) Alt. Programming 500 £299-499
Computex June Taipei (Taiwan) PC Electronics 125,000 Unknown
CVMP November London (UK) Film, Media, Broadcast 2,500-5,000 TBA
Mipcom April Cannes (France) Film, Media, Broadcast Unknown 970-1,550€
Sakura-Con April Seattle (USA) Anime, Asian Arts 25,000 $40-60
Social Media Week June Multiple Cities Social Media Culture Unknown FREE
Unity 5 Roadshow Multiple Multiple Virtual Reality 1,000+ $50+
WonderCon Anaheim April Anaheim (USA) Showfloor, Cosplay 65,000 TBA

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