Discord Chat


Find and chat with other professionals at events is now easier than ever!


  • Are you looking to find other industry professionals and chat with them at events you are going to?
  • Unable to attend an event but still want to talk with others also interested in that event?
  • Want to know at-the-moment what’s happening at a particular event or what’s being planned for one that’s coming up?
    Then join our Professionals-only Discord Chat!

    Have a registered Discord account (entirely free and super easy to setup) and then click on the following link to join the server:


    This channel is for industry professionals to talk about game industry events ranging from Conferences (GDC, SIGGRAPH, etc.), Conventions (PAX, CES, etc.) Fan Festivals (QuakeCon, BlizzCon, etc.) Industry Related (Computex, CeBIT, etc.), and more.
    When joining, please use the ‘Change Nickname’ function and rename to: [Real first name – Profession shorthand ie “CM” “Programmer” “Editor” “CEO” etc, and then @Your Company. Then say hello in the Welcome channel and we’ll get you setup!
    So for example: “Chris – CEO @BuildAGame” (note that this does NOT change your default Discord name, only for this channel)



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    There are many other opportunities to promote your event, game, or other product on Events for Gamers. We take very seriously all coverage of an event, whether it is complimentary or premium. This starts with the event placed in key news areas. Any relevant event news is accepted, and we will endeavor to post it in a timely manner.

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