June 2016 Game Industry Events Calendar

To help you plan attendance for this month’s game industry conferences, conventions, festivals and other events, we post a consolidated list of events each month. View the complete June event list below!

June 2016 Game Industry Events Calendar:

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June 1-2: Augmented World Expo (San Francisco, CA)
June 2-4: Salt Lake Gaming Con (Sandy, USA)
June 2-5: e-gameshow (Cankaya, Turkey)
June 2-5: Phoenix Comicon (Phoenix, USA)
June 3-5: 2D Con (Minnesota, USA)
June 3: We Geek (London, UK)
June 4: Intel Buzz Workshop London (London, UK)
June 4: Kill Screen Fest (New York, USA)
June 7: Games Britannia (Sheffield, UK)
June 7-8: TV of Tomorrow Show (San Francisco, USA)
June 9-10: Games For Change Europe (Paris, France)
June 10-12: Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo (SFGE) (Atlanta, USA)
June 14: EAI Intern. Conference on Games fOr WELL-being (Budapest, Hungary)
June 14-16: E3 Live! (Los Angeles, USA)
June 14-16: E3 Expo (Los Angeles, CA)
June 15-19: Origins Game Fair (Columbus, USA)
June 16: MGF Icons (Los Angeles, USA)
June 16-19: Comicpalooza (Houston, USA)
June 17-19: Indy PopCon (Indianapolis, USA)
June 17-19: Denver Comic Con (Denver, USA)
June 18-19: Let’s Play Gaming Expo (Plano, USA)
June 22: Intel Buzz Workshop Seattle (Seattle, USA)
June 23-24: Games for Change Festival (New York, USA)
June 24-25: Game Happens! (Genova, Italy)
June 24-26: Lyst (Hamar, Norway)
June 24-27: Brains Eden (Cambridge, UK)
June 24-26: TooManyGames (Phoenixville, USA)
June 26-7: BIG Festival (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
June 28-29: White Nights St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg, Russia)
June 28-29: Pocket Gamer Connects Vancouver (Vancouver, Canada)
June 29: Computer and Games (Leiden, Netherlands)
June 30: Intel Buzz Workshop Seoul (Seoul, South Korea)

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