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The Game Awards’ Giveaway Broke the Internet

Okay, that headline isn’t quite accurate. But, The Game Awards audience did break one (or more) destinations on the Internet. Namely It was from that competitive sweepstakes platform that The Game Awards ran two promotions: one was to give away 100 Steam Deck OLED handhelds and the other was to give away 100 Lenovo Legion Go handhelds.

Unfortunately, when the livestream began for The Game Awards — the very popular annual awards ceremony that celebrates and honors achievements in the video game industry — that’s when issues cropped up in a hurry.

Screen capture of spike in reported issues on on the evening of December 7
View of reported issues on the evening of Dec. 7 with, according to (Image:

According to a Sportskeeda article, “When the (Gaming Awards) event began, there were around 385k viewers on Twitch and 884k on YouTube.” Of those hundreds of thousands of livestreaming users, it’s fair to estimate that many thousand attempted to try to log in around the same time and fulfill the requirements to attempt to participate in the giveaway promotion. jumped on their X account to try to explain what was happening, and why:

As evidenced by the spike in the number of reported issues with, and by their own admission, it’s clear that the reported 850% spike in traffic was more than the platform could handle at once. Gleam also noted that some international participants were unable to join (then were allowed) and that “rate limiting” was used to throttle the flow of attempted sign-ups and participants.

Given the massive number of viewers of The Game Awards attracted, while some of the giveaway participants couldn’t quite join or fulfill each entry option, this Hunger Games quote may be applicable to folks hoping to win one of those handheld gaming PCs: “May the odds be ever in your favor.”


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