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Meet Us at The MIX at GDC if You’re Feeling ‘HANGRY’ — New Snack ‘n’ Slash Action RPG Serves Up Delicious Dishes and Carnivorous Combat

Toronto, Canada – March 15, 2024— Game Pill, one of Canada’s leading and most experienced game development studios with over 100 game credits, is thrilled to announce a new original snack ‘n’ slash action RPG called Hangry. In this all-new adventure, players take on the role of the titular character, Hangry, on an intergalactic quest to hunt down, carve up, and devour countless delicious beasts spread across a wide assortment of exotic locales.

You can be among the first people in the world to play this upcoming game at The MIX during GDC in San Francisco, CA, and give us valuable feedback in person. We’ll also be showcasing the game during the GDC Expo briefly at the Canada booth near the GDC Play area in the North Hall on Wednesday, March 20th, from 12pm – 2pm PT.

Hangry is a third-person action RPG with over-the-top fast-paced combat and gorgeous visuals powered by Unreal Engine. The diverse landscapes are like nothing you’ve seen before from the BBQ’d woodlands to candy-coated caverns littered with monsters waiting to be your next secret ingredient.

“We’re honestly salivating at the thought of people finally getting the chance to sink their teeth into this game, puns intended,” said Mike Sorrenti, president of Game Pill. “Our team has worked on dozens of licensed games over the years that we’re immensely proud of, but we can’t wait to show off more of our original IP and deliver something deep and rewarding for RPG fans, but also light-hearted and fun enough for anyone that appreciates a tasty pun.”

Hangry is focused on a satisfying gameplay loop of hunting, eating, and evolving. You’ll set out on hunts to track down creatures to check off your recipe, then you’ll cook and serve the dishes to grow your character, upgrade stats, and unlock new weapons.

For more details about Hangry, you can visit the game’s MIX page, the official website, and wishlist the title on Steam for updates leading up to release.


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