Introducing the Largest Virtual Convention Dedicated to Retro Gaming with the Launch of UPLINK

NEW YORK, July 29, 2020 – LI RETRO, New York’s largest gaming event exhibitor, is continuing to expand its national presence with the launch of UPLINK, its first ever all-digital convention dedicated to the culture of retrogaming & technology on August 8-9, 2020.  The event will bring together the experience of an in-person retrogaming convention including classic gaming, video game and tabletop tournaments, cosplay competitions, vendor offerings, virtual escape rooms, and over 50+ live streaming panels & performances featuring the biggest names in retro technology and gaming from across the world.

“With UPLINK we wanted to not only fill the void for the cancellations of many retro gaming conventions this year but also succeed in providing experiences only possible through a digital platform.  We want to bring the retro gaming community even closer together during this time and with UPLINK we can create experiences amongst fans and creators not possible due to geographical boundaries,” said Joel Albino, Co-Founder of LI RETRO. “We’re excited to see the new possibilities and gaming interactions from the comfort of home that an all-digital gaming expo can offer.”

Online gaming tournaments in addition to a variety of communal gaming experiences of console and PC games will be made possible through LI RETRO’s partnership with PARSEC. Through PARSEC’s technology, UPLINK will be able to provide single player and co-operative gameplay experiences of classic and modern games with low-latency direct to a player’s computer.

Live online panels and exhibitors will be able to interact with fans through a streaming portal powered by Accelevents.  The 60+ guest panel lineup will feature the largest assortment of names ever assembled for a retro gaming convention, including some of the biggest and most exciting Youtube and Twitch content creators, game developers, filmmakers, historians, authors, podcasts, artists and more.  Many of the guests will be making their debut panel appearance of any convention, despite having amassed large viewership and social followings for many years.

Since LI RETRO’s first convention in 2015, the exhibitor has grown significantly in size, hosting the NY Tri-state area’s largest retro con on an annual basis.  In 2018, the exhibitor expanded into the world of tabletop and board games with the LI Tabletop Gaming Expo.  With UPLINK, LI RETRO will expand its mission on a nationwide basis in not only producing exceptional and curated gaming experiences, but pushing the medium of gaming forward through the broader awareness and preservation of its history.

EDITOR’s NOTE: For more info about UPLINK, check out the details on the E4G event page.