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BIG Digital is a Big Hit with over 22,000 Viewers Virtually Attending Brazil’s Video Game Trade Show

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL — Brazil Games is pleased to announce record-setting virtual attendance for BIG Digital — the fully online version of Brazil’s Independent Games (BIG) Festival — Latin America’s largest and most important games industry event. Reaffirming that BIG Digital is truly a vital hub for the gaming business, more than 22,000 people tuned in to the online expo to enjoy 25 seminars on game development from 72  industry luminaries such as Epic Games, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, (Xbox), Nintendo, Snapchat, and Ubisoft, generating more than two million views.
Video webcast of several speakers online during the BIG Digital
BiIG Digital Online (Image: BIG Digital Online)

From June 22 through June 26, 2020, more than 333 publishers, developers, and investors from 38 countries participated in 3,876 business meetings. These crucial virtual face-to-face meetings resulted in an estimated $7 million USD in business deals during the show, which is anticipated to result in an estimated $31 million USD in games-related business over the next 12 months.

“While it was not possible to hold our physical festival this year, we are thrilled to see how well the online version of BIG Festival was received,” said Gustavo Steinberg, Director of BIG Festival. “For the first time, distance was no longer a limitation to those who wished to participate, and as a result, the content, which was available to everyone, reached an even wider international audience. The quality of the lectures and the number of viewers in attendance demonstrates that our efforts were worth it.”

During BIG Digital, viewers from all over the world were able to experience the exciting things to come from Brazil’s rapidly growing games industry. For example, those who watched the “Showcase of Brazilian Games 2020”  were privy to some of the most promising Brazil-made games to be launched later this year. Nintendo took advantage of BIG Digital to announce the certification of development kits for the Switch platform in Brazil. “All of [the kits] can now be officially ordered with us and certified for Brazil,” said Scott Hawkins, Nintendo’s Head of Developer Relations – Americas, during the lecture.With support from  Brazil Games Export Program, a partnership between the Brazilian Game Companies Association, ABRAGAMES, and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), BIG Digital carries the tradition of its massively successful physical counterpart as a fundamental business hub for video game professionals across the globe through its lectures, networking events and digital face-to-face meetings. It was a golden opportunity for developers, not just those in Brazil, but from a global audience, to meet with giants in the segment, such as Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Valve Software and Epic Games, who see BIG as an opportunity to see Brazil’s video games industry up close.


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