Finalists of the 2013 Spanish Games Industry Awards

The games finalists for the 2013 Spanish Games Industry Awards has been announced today by the jury of the Spanish Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. Deadlight from Tequila Works with five nominations and The Respawnables from Digital Legends Entertainment with four are the games that have more candidacies this year.

With three nominations we find Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate, from Mercury Steam Entertainment, Nihilumbra from Beautifun Games and Shiny the Firefly, from Stage Clear Studio.Among them the jury will select the Best Spanish Game of the Year.

The winners will be announced at the Awards ceremony to be held on the evening of Thursday, June 27 at the Filmoteca of Catalonia (Barcelona). The fans and the media also have the opportunity to participate in the awards voting through Gamelab Facebook page).

Updated: November 26, 2013 — 8:04 pm