August 2019 Game Industry Events Calendar

We’re excited to be presenting yet another great list of upcoming industry events! To help you discover upcoming game industry conferences, conventions, festivals and other events, we post a consolidated list here on Events for Gamers each month.

View August’s event list below. You can also click here for the main calendar view.

July 28-August 1: SIGGRAPH (Los Angeles, USA)
August 1-4: Replay FX (Pittsburgh, USA)
1-4: Assembly Summer (Helsinki, Finland)
1-4: GENCON (Indianapolis, USA)
2-4: EVO (Las Vegas, USA)
2-4: Animanga (Los Angeles, USA)
2-5: ChinaJoy (Shanghai, China)
5-7: IEEE SeGAH (Kyoto, Japan)
10: Ettin Con Winter (Sydney, Australia)
15: Mobile Growth Summit Canada (Toronto, Canada)
20-23: IEEE Conference on Games (COG) (London, UK)
20-24: gamescom (Cologne, Germany)
23-25: 2D Con Wasteland (Minneapolis, USA)
26-30: Foundations of Digital Games (Pacific Grove, USA)
27-29: Casual Connect USA (Los Angeles, USA)
28-29: PAX Dev (Seattle, USA)
29-2: Dragon Con (Atlanta, USA)
30-1: Crunchyroll Expo (San Jose, USA)
30-2: Gateway (Strategicon) (Los Angeles, USA)
31: Family Gaming Night (Cambridgeshire, UK)

This list is obtained from the main calendar. Did we miss an event? Let us know!

Updated: August 28, 2019 — 7:40 pm