April 2016 Game Industry Events Calendar

To help you plan attendance for this month’s game industry conferences, conventions, festivals and other events, we post a consolidated list of events each month. View the complete April event list below!

April 2016 Game Industry Events Calendar:

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April 1-3: Girl Gamer Gathering (Ontario, Canada)
April 1-10: London Games Festival (London, UK)
April 3: Albany To Show (Albany, USA)
April 4-5: Unite Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)
April 4-7: GPU Technology Conference (San Joe, USA)
April 7: EGX Rezzed (London, UK)
April 7: British Academy Games Awards (London, UK)
April 7-8: Unite Seoul (Seoul, South Korea)
April 8-9: Game Dev Days (Tallinn, Estonia)
April 8-10: ATRLAN (Troy, NY)
April 9: Sacramento Indie Arcade Gaming Expo (Sacramento, CA)
April 8-10: Nordic Game Jam (Sweden)
April 11-12: Unite Shanghai (Shanghai, China)
April 12-13: MGF Asia (Hong Kong, China)
April 13-14: European eSports Conference (London, UK)
April 14: Launch (Birmingham, UK)
April 16-17: WEGAME (Kyiv, Ukraine)
April 18: G4C – Games and Media Summit (New York, USA)
April 18-20: Quo Vadis (Berlin, Germany)
April 18-23: Play by Play (Wellington, New Zealand)
April 19: LA Games Conference (Los Angeles, USA)
April 19: East Coast Game Conference (Raleigh, USA)
April 21: EVE Fanfest (Reykjavik, Iceland)
April 22-24: PAX East (Boston, USA)
April 22-24: HavenCon (Austin, USA)
April 24-26: Ottawa International Game Conference (Ottawa, Canada)
April 26-29: FMX (Ludwigsburg, Germany)
April 27-28: Gaming Analytics Summit (San Francisco, USA)
April 27-28: Samsung Developers Conference (San Francisco, USA)
April 27-29: Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (San Jose, USA)
April 28-30: Reboot Develop (Podstrana, Croatia)
April 29-1: IndieCade East (New York, USA)
April 30: Vector (Richmond, USA)

The calendar moving into the year really begins to build up the event count!

This list is obtained from the main calendar. Did we miss an event? Let us know!

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