Video of the Month – Best Practices for Virtual Events and Predictions for the Future

It’s a little ironic, but the topic of physical events going digital is the ironic topic of many webcasts, webinars, and digital events. That’s because few businesses have been upended as much as what the mass cancellations and shift to digital conferences represents for events and conferences. Just from the Events for Gamers calendar perspective, keeping up with games-related events going digital, getting canceled, getting moved to 2021 has sometimes meant keeping an eye on an event from week to week or even day to day.

With so much uncertainty heading into the next year for events, it remains a meaningful topic to chat about as folks involved in events try to figure out how to forge ahead. On that topic, Theresa Hegel, executive editor of digital content at Advertising Specialty Institute lead a conversion on their Promo Insider video podcast with Barry Meyers, with getgeeked Media.

In this wide-ranging discussion, over the course of 50 minutes-plus, the two marketing veterans cover a wide range of events-related topics:

What has it taken to create an engaging, targeted event that works for the vendors, intended audience, and organizers in 2020? Barry Meyers plugs into his experience around building the first (virtual) event for consumer tech media and influencers under the Techfluence brand this year. Maybe more importantly, they take a look at what might events look and feel like, whether virtual or in-person, in 2021. These questions and a lot more are tackled in this interesting, insight-packed podcast.

If you prefer to check out the summary of the podcast or the audio version instead, stop by ASI’s link.

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