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Twitter to Play Host to Its First Live eSports Event This Weekend

From Gamasutra: The business of where eSports are broadcast has proven to be a reoccurring story of 2016. Earlier this year, Facebook struck a deal with Activision to stream MLG eSports events, and TBS began broadcasting eLeague, which hosts the “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” tournament series.

Now this weekend, the eLeague championship games are heading to Twitter. In a press release sent out by eLeague today, the league says that while the normal TBS broadcast will be held at its normal times at 5 p.m. EST Friday, July 29 and at 4 p.m. July 30, a simultaneous broadcast of the event will be held on Twitch and Twitter.

While the Twitch coverage is nothing new, it is the first time that Twitter’s streaming functions have been used to broadcast a major eSports event. Given the game development community’s strong presence on Twitter, the new live-streaming tools at play represent another opportunity alongside the growing number of platforms for developers to organize competitive or just general gameplay streams.

In an interesting note, this Twitter stream doesn’t seem to conflict with eLeague and Twitch’s previously announced partnership on streaming their eSports events.

Anthony Noto, Twitter’s CFO, says in the press release that the large number of eSports fans already on Twitter makes it a viable platform for developers to stream tournaments and gameplay.

“Gamers are one of the largest and most engaged audiences on Twitter, and we are thrilled to partner with Turner and WME/IMG[eLeague’s other owner] to bring them the live content from eLeague and Twitter commentary they are already looking for, all on one screen.”

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