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AWE, XR, Venues, and Events

The Augmented World Expo USA 2024 (AWE 2024) conference kicks off today to Thursday, June 20, 2024 in Long Beach, California. The world of extended reality (XR) companies, thought leaders, products, and more come together this week to discuss some of the biggest innovations impacting their technology space.

Of course, XR games and interactive experiences will be a huge part of the discussion. And the “Gaming, Entertainment & Media” track is dedicated to the conversation that impacts the development of XR gaming or game-like experiences. Dozens of the 266 exhibitors are focused on XR games.

But, what about XR in events, venues and experiences? If you’re an arcade or esports stadium owner or maybe an event planner, what can you find at AWE 2024 that meets the needs of what you’re looking for? For a site like “Events for Gamers,” we’re naturally curious what’s on tap for this week for attendees in that space (too).

Here’s a short list of relevant points of interest at AWE USA 2024 that may be worth checking out!

AI and the Spatial Web for Live Events & Festivals
Tuesday, June 18, 2024
5:05 PM – 5:30 PM (PDT)

This late day one session may be one of the best learning opportunities for folks who are interested in adapting emerging and evolving technologies like AI and the spatial web, into live events or festivals. The session’s speaker, Eric Wagliardo, Founder, &Pull and MXR (“Mixer”), and Coachella’s XR producer should no doubt be loaded with the experience and insight to share on making XR work in event-centered experiences.

Revolutionizing EngagementAR’s Impact in SportsRetailand Advertising
Tuesday, June 18, 2024
1:00 PM – 1:25 PM (PDT)

A mid-day session, this retail-oriented discussion centers on retail and sports applications of augmented reality (AR) billboard advertising. What are the pain points and other implementation challenges? What are the key metrics to keep an eye on? How scalable are these solutions?

Monica Hsueh, Global Marketing Manager for metaverse tech company, Speed 3D Inc. leads this foray into the sometimes-tricky world of AR advertising and promotion. Folks in virtual reality arcades, event venues and other spaces that may take a shine to big, bold advertising initiatives using new technology might find this presentation eye opening.

Panel: Immersive Revolution: Transforming Fan Experiences in Next-Gen Sports & Beyond
Tuesday, June 18, 2024
2:55 PM – 3:50 PM (PDT)

Continuing with the loaded schedule from June 18 (at least for XR sessions at AWE USA 2024 that might interest professionals in events and venues), this panel addresses the possibilities of using XR tech to help brands, teams, fan communities, venues and more boost their engagement. Could this discussion around traditional sports apply to the esports ecosystem? Absolutely.

Natascha French, CEO and Founder, Scale Strategies; James Giglio,CEO and Founder, MVP Interactive; Chris Sloan, Head of Global Partnerships, SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park; and Troy Jones Jr., CEO and Founder, StatusPro lead this senior-level panel into this potential-loaded topic.


While there are many open-ended XR tech platforms, both hardware and software, that can cover the needs for people in and around the vast event-related Venn diagram, like XREAL or Hololight or Campfire, there are a couple vendors who specifically zero in on the needs of meeting, event and venue professionals.

FanPort is launching “a first-of-its-kind social mixed-reality attraction for immersive and interactive fan and brand engagement” for “branded extended reality experiences within sports venues, museums, retail centers, themed attractions, and more” at AWE USA 2024 and offering attendees a chance to explore the experience from the expo floor.

Benvision is a company with a focus on assistive technology companies using a customizable music-based approach. Seems interesting, right? At AWE 2024, the company is launching a pilot program for tourism, hotels, amusement parks, and other venues and other large spaces as well as an iOS app.

While on the topic of accessibility at an event, AWE USA 2024 went all in and partnered with XRAI Glass for making the event more accessible, both the physical space and digital version. Using the app on an Android or iOS smartphone “or using a pair of compatible smart glasses, AWE guests can read an AI-transcribed feed from the stage and translate it into any of 75+ languages, all in real-time. Online viewers of the AWE Main Stage sessions will be able to use these AI transcriptions and translations via the conference’s YouTube channel.” XRAI Glass is also an exhibitor in addition to being a partner at AWE USA 2024.

To check out the range of sessions, speakers, and exhibitors, visit the official Augmented World Expo USA event site for all the details.

Note: (6/18) Added FanPort to the expo listing


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