News From CES Past and Future

The technology mega-show in Las Vegas, CES, or the Consumer Electronics Show, is such a news-generating machine, it requires a mega-post just to keep on top of the news. Before taking an eyeful of the future, let’s glance back at the recent past:

CES 2016 a Record-Setter

After independently auditing the numbers, the tally for CES 2016 attendance hit the mark of 177,393 industry professionals from around the world. After 2015’s record number of CES attendees, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA, which organizes CES) pledged to limit the degree of attendee number growth and note the numbers represent 1 percent growth from 2015.

In more zoomed-in detail, over 53,000 international industry professionals, a 10 percent bump from 2015, attended CES 2016. Said another way, that’s 158 countries, which includes five more than 2015. About 3,886 exhibiting companies showed up to CES, across a sprawling near-2.5 million square feet of exhibit space. That’s a lot of ground to cover for media, which represented over 7,500 attendees.

Speaking of Media at CES

Press-day events, which include layers of company press conferences, are spreading from one action-packed day to two maybe equally action-packed days. The new schedule covers January 3-4, 2017, now preceding CES Unveiled Las Vegas and market research presentations. Pre-press day in past years was usually an “empty” day for CES press folks, at least until mid-afternoon, and now, it is planned for a noon kick-off time January 3. As if CES couldn’t be any busier for the media folks in attendance …

CES 2017 Registration Set for September

CES 2017 registration, rather than starting in August, as it usually has in recent years, is starting a little later this year, on September 6, 2016. Sign up here to be notified of CES 2017 commencement of registration. Also, if you plan to attend CES 2017, it never hurts to start looking for the hotel options in Las Vegas early, because they full up fast — which is partly the reason for a CES 2017 post in July.