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Q/A With QuadraClicks CEO Qeric Koten: On Pivoting to Pro Gamers and Professionals

The Q/A with QuadraClicks’ CEO Qeric Koten starts on the previous page.

E4G: How has the pandemic time period (and unique market and supply chain conditions) of 2020-2021 affected business for QuadraClicks? Did QuadraClicks have to make any adaptations to adjust?

Qeric: Our cost has gone up quite a bit, and business has slowed down since most of our sales previously were done in person and at trade shows. We also pivoted our customer target audiences to professionals in the past year.

E4G: The price point for the RBT Rebel Real makes it a more challenging proposition for the majority of  gamers to consider buying one. How can (or will) QuadraClicks address the larger mass market who might be interested but concerned about cost?

Qeric: Today’s products are built with planned obsolescence. Most will break after exactly one year. Amazon offers money-back for just 30 days. But you know, for gamers who click far more than a regular user, it’s common for a mouse to wear out in just a few months.

So let me share this with you, my RBT Rebel Real mouse doesn’t break after one year, it doesn’t break in 2 years, or even 3 years. It’s designed to last 3 years and up. For products directly purchased from QuadraClicks, we have 100 days money back guarantee because I want you to fully adapt to it and feel its benefits as it often takes more than 2 months for noticeable difference in pain reduction. If you measure your grip force before using the RBT mouse and measure it again after 3 months you’re going to see a significant difference.  AND, I’m not ashamed to share this with you, that we have a THREE 3 years warranty on parts, so if yours breaks under 3 years we’ll send you a new one.

The question you should consider is, how many gaming mouses do you buy in 3 years on average?

E4G: What news and updates from QuadraClicks can we expect to see for the rest of 2021?

Qeric: It’s a secret.

E4G: Lastly, what games-focused events do you most look forward to returning to, whether to attend or show or demo on behalf of QuadraClicks?

Qeric: DreamHack, E3, ChinaJoy, if you feel there’s an event we should be attending please drop us a note on twitter: https://twitter.com/quadraclicks,

We want to thank Qeric Koten for sharing his thoughts and perspectives about QuadraClicks and the RBT mouse! To learn more about QuadraClicks, visit the company’s site for more details.

Editor’s note (7:25 pm PST 4/12/21): We corrected a misspelling of Qeric’s name in the Q/A and added a link to one of QuadraClick’s esports partners, .


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