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Can’t Buy an NVIDIA RTX 30 Series GPU? Maybe Win One at GTC 2021

It’s still no easy feat to try to buy a new RTX 30 series GPU these days, and the supply shortages and high demand may continue for some time if some reports prove accurate. What’s a gamer in need of a processing power up for their PC to do?

Fear not, NVIDIA (sort of) has a solution for those who want to try another way to acquire a raytracing powerhouse GPU — by attending GPU Tech Conference (GTC) 2021, paying attention for Easter eggs, and doing a bit of quick social media engagement.

wccftech and Videocardz has uncovered the start of a treasure hunt organized by NVIDIA, beginning with a Morse code message in a teaser tweet and a short promo video:

From that starting point, Vieocardz ultimately found a secret landing page buried in the GTC 2021 event site, which provides the necessary information about how to participate in the competition. Among the prizes offered for those who accurately and quickly post the Easter eggs during GTC 2021 could be a GeForce RTX 3090 GPU.

NVIDIA’s GTC 2021 will kick off on Monday, April 12 and continue through Friday, April 16. For more info about the gaming aspects of the GTC event, we posted a brief summary of some of the gaming-related tech and discussions you can expect from this online event. For more info on GTC 2021 overall and the agenda in detail, visit the official event site.

And, if you choose to participate in NVIDIA’s Easter egg hunt at GTC 2021 in pursuit of the 30 series RTX card, best of luck to you!


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