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Q/A Interview with Jessica Gulick, VP of Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu

Jessica Gulick’s Q/A interview began on the previous page.

E4G: For folks curious about the Cyber Games Summit at RSA 2020, can you give them an idea of what to expect from this event? Would you recommend both cybersecurity, esports, and game development professionals check it out?

Jessica: Our breakfast at RSA is but a first step. We have Tony Cole kicking it off with a few words on cyber games and workforce. Then I will moderate a panel of experts: Ann Johnson from Microsoft, Don DeSantos from BAE Systems, Bobbie Stempfley from CMU CERT and Bill Newhouse for NIST NICE. We will explore the power of games in cybersecurity, why games help our workforce grow and get stronger, and how games help us prepare for cyber attacks. I recommend it for security professionals, IT managers, executives, students, gamers, and vendors. 

E4G: Aside from the Cyber Games Summit at RSA 2020, are you going to be involved with this security or gaming topics (such as speaking or exhibiting) in another capacity at this conference? 

Jessica: I will be part of She Speaks Security Monday. This is a multi session program of talks aimed to provide women in particular (although men could learn a lot) find their voice. We have a powerful line up women speaking on: their experience as CISO, pitching your business and yourself, finding your voice, and how to handle critical talks. We keep it engaging. Between each talk we conduct short tabletop workshops to help you meet new people and learn new things. 

WSC is also a part of “Women Unite Over CTF event” presented by Synack. This is a great opportunity for women to join a CTF and experience what it’s like.

E4G: Do you see value in (and perhaps even plan in) bringing cybersecurity-aligned discussions and tournament over to more games and esports-focused events and conferences?

Jessica: Absolutely. We are just getting started. We have big plans to fan the flames that Wicked6 has ignited in the community, in WSC and in ourselves. 

E4G: Throughout 2020, what WSC events and initiatives should be on the radar for folks involved in games/esports and cybersecurity?

Jessica: Throughout 2020, WSC plans a number of cybersecurity games, workshops, networking meetups and more. Keep an eye on for more information.  

Events for Gamers thanks Jessica Gulick for her time and insights! To learn more about Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu, visit the official site here. To learn more about the Wicked6 Cyber Games tournament, visit the official site here.


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