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Video of the Month — EVO Japan 2020

Many gamers have heard about the annual fighting game-focused tournament event that takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, EVO 2020. But what about the EVO Japan 2020, which, in its third year, took place in Tokyo in late January?

If not, this video, by NihongoGamer, is for you. In this almost-15 minute video, this YouTuber shares some interesting clips and tidbits about his experience with this event, competitive gaming, fun finds in and around the host city, Shibuya, in Tokyo. Oh, and he adds a few event-planning suggestions and wish list items that might make the event interesting for fighting fans and other game-playing attendees.

We’ll keep an eye on EVO Japan 2021, and of course EVO 2020 this summer in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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