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April 2024 Game Industry Events Calendar

Happy April Activity! We’ve put together yet another great list of events you can attend for the month. As we continue to get into springtime, the event season settles into a solid cadence post-GDC with more conferences coming up.

Many of the conferences listed in April will have sessions and discussions about the state of the industry that continue from GDC. The most prominent talking point that is bound to be made is the layoffs and investment troubles that nearly every major studio (and many indies) is facing. We expect that in the second half of the year, we will start to see a turnaround in both of these areas, but it may take two or three years to recover.

Notice something else for this month that’s been trending since January? There is only ONE hybrid/online-only event! We’re officially back to ‘normal’ mode for the event industry.

Many of the listed events are included in the calendar from your contributions in submitting events to the calendar. Thank you for continuing to support us!

Check out this month’s event list below. You can also click here for the main calendar that includes events into 2024 and beyond.

April 5-7: LexiCon
6-14: Now Play This
9-25: London Games Festival
11: London Developer Conference
11-12: Gamesforum Cyprus
15-19: Everything Procedural Conference (EPC)
18-19: HIT Games Conference Istanbul
18-19: Games Job Fair Spring LITE (Hybrid)
18-21: Midwest GameFest
19-21: Gamebox Festival
20: Concinnity
22-23: GAconf Europe
24: OKRE Summit
25-26: ADDON
25-27: W.A.S.D.
29-30: Copenhagen Matchup

Which events are you attending this month? Let us know by commenting on this article here or on Twitter and Facebook!


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