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MyGamez CEO claims that there is a market for Western games in China if developers work with OEMs

Mikael Leinonen, CEO of MyGamez, spoke at Pocket Gamerz 2014 about their strategy for getting Western Games published in China. Leinonen started off by stating that there is a big market in China for Western Games, and Chinese gamers are always interested in foreign endeavors.

One of the most direct ways MyGamez will get these games into the hands of players is with pre-installed games on new handsets. Local bricks and mortar stores is among the most interesting techniques of getting these games into gamers hands. In these places, most Chinese people purchase smartphones; a lot of the stores also install their own games and apps on the devices. By working with main telecoms, MyGamez will make sure that the games they publish are put straight into the hands of consumers. With such a strong presence on devices, MyGamez can penetrate more areas of the market.

They also have a positive relationship with one of the biggest app stores; this will result in MyGamez being allowed to use their own payment SDKs. The revenue share will also be the same across distribution platforms. Even though the idea of Westernization doesn’t swing with what is being said at Pocket Gamer Connects, a great deal could be said for trying to get games directly onto headsets, and thus into the hands of gamers.

To read more about this, follow this link: http://www.pocketgamer.biz/r/PG.Biz/MyGamez+news/news.asp?c=56761&territory=asia

– Written by News Editor: Paul Iuzzolino

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