May 2016 Game Industry Events Calendar

To help you plan attendance for this month’s game industry conferences, conventions, festivals and other events, we post a consolidated list of events each month. View the complete May event list below!

May 2016 Game Industry Events Calendar:

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May 2-4: VR Arcade Conference (Mountain View, USA)
May 3: GamesBeat Summit (San Francisco, USA)
May 11-12: Apps World North America (Santa Clara, USA)
May 11-13: IEEE SeGAH (Orlando, USA)
May 11-13: CES Asia (Shanghai, China)
May 12: Game UX Summit (Durham, USA)
May 12-13: DevGAMM Moscow (Moscow, Russia)
May 14: iFest (Multiple Cities)
May 14-16: LVL Up Expo (Las Vegas, USA)
May 17-19: Casual Connect Singapore (Singapore)
May 17-18: Experiential Technology and NeuroGaming (San Francisco, USA)
May 18-20: Nordic Game Conference (Malmo, Sweden)
May 19-22: PlayX4 (Seoul, South Korea)
May 19-22: Living Games (Austin, USA)
May 20-21: Power of Play (Seattle, USA)
May 20-22: Stunfest (Rennes, France)
May 23: Indievelopment (Ultrecht, Netherlands)
May 23-24: The 2016 Biz-ESports Summit (Los Angeles, USA)
May 24-26: Connections Conference (San Francisco, USA)
May 25-26: Gotland Game Conference (Strandvagen, Sweden)
May 26-29: MomoCon (Atlanta, USA)
May 27-30: Gamex (Strategicon) (Los Angeles, USA)
May 27-30: KublaCon (San Francisco, USA)
May 28-29: SHiP iT! Game Jam (Montreal, Canada)
May 31-04: Computex (Taipei, Taiwan)
May 31-02: Unite Europe (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

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