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Game Audio Job Descriptions: What are companies looking for?

From Over the past dozen or so months, I’ve been copying down job descriptions of sound or music openings in the game industry as well as posting them to the GameSoundCon Facebook Page. In this post, I’ve pulled out the “Requirements” sections for a few and have listed them.

Just about every posting has something akin to “experience with game audio implementation”, or “knowledge of game audio and how it gets integrated into a game” or “Possess a working understanding of the technical constraints of audio design for GAMES.”

Game audio definitely begins with a great ear, great compositional skills and the ability to create great sounds using traditional DAW’s, but that’s really only the starting point. The people who are hiring are looking for something above and beyond that.

This quote from the Senior Audio Manager for Volition, discussing what goes into the hiring process, sums it up:

I see a lot of applicants applying who emphasize that they are musicians or composers. if that’s all you got, you’ll be outgunned.

..if you’ve got other skills that make you valuable, like knowing how to script… or knowing how memory and streaming work, … well, that is awesome, because that sounds like someone I might want to work with.

Senior Audio Manager, Volition, discussing hiring



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