5 Android Games You Need to Download

The Google Play store is overflowing with game options, which can make choosing your next download a little overwhelming. With awesome graphics, interesting storylines and plenty of action and suspense, these Android games will make it difficult to put down your phone.

Super Mario Run

The first Nintendo game made for mobile has arrived. While it is free to download, “Super Mario Run” only includes three levels before you have to pay $9.99. It’s a steep price for a mobile game, but there are no further in-app purchases, and fans of Mario will find that it’s worth it. The controls are simple — in fact, there’s only one. You simply tap the screen to jump and attempt to collect as many coins as possible. This makes it simple enough for children, but the colors and nuances of the different levels make it just as entertaining for adults.

The Room 3

If you are on the hunt for an immersive puzzle game, “The Room 3” is your perfect fit. Between the ambient music and stunning graphics, it feels like you are in the game as you race to solve puzzles and uncover clues. It is a large 539 MB download, so be sure that you are using a phone that can handle the size and detail of this game. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a 5.8-inch display and an octa-core processor, which make it the perfect device to play this complicated game. Secret passageways, alternate endings and more will keep you entertained for hours.

Star Wars: Force Arena

Bring your favorite movie series to your phone. In “Star Wars: Force Arena,” you can play as a team of your most-loved “Star Wars” characters in a series of interactive battles. Play on your own or invite your friends to form a team and fight other players from around the world. Even if you are not a “Star Wars” fan, the large selection of characters and abilities, plus the interactivity with other players make it worth a download. This is another game with a lot to see, so a large and clear phone screen is preferable.


Since its release, “Crashlands” has been making waves as one of the top mobile games available, and it’s not without reason. It is basically a combination of a survival crafting game and an action RPG. Made to be enjoyable by all, it offers a lot of user-friendly features. For example, if your character dies, you can simply return to your grave and all of your items will return. Your tools do not break, and you never run out of inventory space. Go on quests, level up and fight your enemies. It’s fun, funny and well worth the $4.99 download.


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be king? In “Reigns” you get to find out. Take your seat on the throne, and start making decisions for your people. Citizens and problems appear as cards, and you are in control with just a swipe right for a “yes” decision or left for “no.” All of your decisions add up, and affect areas of your kingdom, such as the treasury. And if you are not successful and lose the throne, the game continues as you take the place of your own predecessor. Can you keep your domain prosperous? 

Mobile gaming on Android has been explosive over the past few years. Graphics have improved, levels have become more complicated and Android phones are keeping up with amazing displays and speed. Don’t miss out on some of the best games out there.

Updated: May 24, 2017 — 5:33 pm