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2017 Taipei Game Show Announces Theme “In the Game, To the World” Indie Game developers from 21 Countries Visit Taipei in January and Participate in Indie Game Festa & Indie House (Press Release)

According to Newzoo report, 58% of the growth of global games market in 2016 camefrom Asia-Pacific region. Top five countries in terms of revenue includes China, Japan, and South Korea, while Taiwan ranks 15th globally with a revenue of USD 980 million. This shows that the APAC game market should not be ignored. Taipei Computer Association (TCA) recently announced that Taipei Game Show, which will be celebrating its fifteenth anniversary, will take place from January 19th to 24th, 2017, and unveiled the latest participating developers and publishers in “B2B Zone” and “B2C Area”. Also, the latest news of “Asia Pacific Game Summit” (APGS) will be revealed at the same time.

“In the Game, To the World.” is the theme of Taipei Game Show next year. With the advances in Virtual Reality, people now can truly enter into the world of game, flying like a bird, swimming with fish in the ocean. They can even act god, becoming Michael Jordan on a basketball court, Lionel Messi on a football pitch, or Michael Schumacher on a racing course. And becoming Batman, super hacker, or even mob boss isn’t a dream anymore. You will be impressed by traveling through the different worlds in the game like never before.

Theme 1: APGS Focuses on New VR Applications
Speakers Share Industrial Trends, Development and Design, E-Sport, and Marketing
● Jan. 19th -20th, 2107: Asia Pacific Game Summit (APGS)
This September, APGS was held overseas for the first time in Kaihin-Makuhari, Tokyo, where industrial professionals shared their stories of success in Taiwanese market, attracted much attention from Japanese game industry and media. To keep the ball rolling, APGS will take place in Taipei from January 19th to 20th, 2017. The organizer indicates the subjects of APGS will cover five major fields, including industrial trends, marketing and promotion, indie games, VR, and game development and design, with heavyweight speakers invited to share their experiences. It is estimated that there will be over 30 keynote speeches.

On the first day, the organizer invites Raymond Pao, Vice President of HTC and the main figure behind HTC Vive’s aggressive deployment in VR industry, to talk about the future-changing VR technology and its attractiveness and new ways of application. Facebook Client Solution Manager, Curren Seow, will share how the game developers build exclusive platforms for fans through live streaming of gameplay and E-sport from the perspective of Taiwanese live-stream broadcasters and audience. Related agenda will be announced in succession, and the audience can expectantly sign up online on December 26th.

Theme 2: “Taiwan”— The Gateway of Asian Market
Business Matchmaking System Officially Launched
● Jan. 19th-20th, 2017: B2B Zone & Indie Game Festa (IGF)
According to official announcement, “B2B Zone” focuses on business communication and the trading of games, which consists of “B2B Zone” and “Indie Game Festa (IGF)”. 213 game companies and teams from 25 countries will come to Taipei to participate in the exhibition. In addition to the local companies, foreign game development companies, operators, third-party payment, and advertising platform such as Fove, a Japanese VR company which specializes in eye-tracking technology; Cyber Z that focuses on ads in mobile market in Japan; Thai developer, Silent Bark and Jeollanam-do Creative Content Agency from Korea.

The organizer is also in the progress of the collaborative partnership with different exhibitions of foreign countries, inviting the organizer of Level UP, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and Philippine Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) to come to Taiwan. Meanwhile, GameStart of Singapore, Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency (BIPA) of South Korea, and BIC Fest of Busan, South Korea will send groups to participate in TGS.

Also, “Registration for General Trade Visitor.” has already opened. Buyers who have already made reservations are coming from Europe, Americas, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Northeast Asia, which attracts game industrial professionals from UK, France, Netherlands, U.S.A., Belgium, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, and South Korea. “B2B Zone” will last for two days from January 19th to 20th, 2017, which is estimated to facilitate over 1,000 sessions of business matching.

Theme 3: Revealing Participating lineup
Players’ Anticipation —Virtual Reality Game Experiences
● Jan. 20th-24th, 2017: B2C—Online Games, Mobile Games, Console Games, VR, Live Streaming Events
According to the report by MIC, the revenue of Taiwan game market reached NTD 42 billion in 2015, among which mobile games accounts for the largest part at NTD 24.3 billion. And as the market penetration of E-sport and smartphone devices are getting so deep that it can drive the growth of whole market, it is estimated that the Taiwan game market revenue will reach NTD 53 billion by 2019.

Based on the game ranking of two major platforms, Google Play and App Store, it shows that Taiwan players have high acceptance for all games of other countries, reflecting the free competition and liberal market of Taiwan. The lineup of “B2C Area” exactly corresponds to this phenomenon, and shows the importance of Taiwan market to foreign game companies

“B2C Area” showcases experiences of online games, mobile games, console games, VR, and the latest E-sport peripherals. The exhibition will take place from January 20th to 24th, 2017, with PlayStation, Bandai Namco Taiwan Ltd., SEGA Games, Ubisoft, KONAMI, mixi, Gravity, Google Play, and HTC Vive. The organizer and live streaming video platform, Twitch, will roll out 《TGS live》together in both English and Chinese.

Pre-Registration for General Trade Visitor now available, please visit the following link:

English and Simplified Chinese:


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