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Your Latest Game Industry News Round-up: CES 2021 Edition

CES 2021 came and went, and plenty of announcements, reveals, and teasers was part of the experience. We kept an eye on (and will continue to) on some of the news from one of the biggest digital shows of the year, especially around products that gamers will get their hands on.

But, there was still a massive stream of product news to explore at CES 2021. In this news round-up, we are sharing more of the info from great sources, news that gamers can use right now — and through the year — when considering gaming gear to acquire.

What’s some of the latest and greatest gaming gear? (Image: Pragii on Unsplash)


Biggest PC Gaming Announcements From CES 2021
Source: PC Gamer

What are the highest-impact news from CES 2021 that affect gamers in terms of CPUS, GPUS, and the sexy accessories that make a PC gaming setup sing? PC Gamer has a summary of seven major news announcements that gamers will want to pay attention to.


TechRadar’s Best Gaming Laptops from CES 2021
Source: TechRadar


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