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Your Latest Game Industry News Round-Up #9

Scope out a few of the news stories from the game industry this week, hand-picked from across the world of games.

CES 2021 to Return in Physical and Digital Format
Source: CNET

CES 2021 date and logo
CES 2021 (Image: Consumer Technology Association)

The organizers of the massive consumer technology show in Las Vegas announced preliminary plans for the 2021 version of their show, which will see both live and digital versions.

“The world’s “most influential tech event” is officially in the works for 2021. The Consumer Technology Association announced last month it plans to go ahead with an in-person event next year in Las Vegas while addressing the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. While event after event has been canceled this year, the CTA has outlined some of the potential steps it intends to take to keep attendees as healthy as possible at the conference, which takes place in January each year.”

Onsite, some of these changes will include “more sanitation of spaces throughout the show. Attendees can also expect wider aisles in the exhibit areas and greater seat spacing at conference programs; cashless systems for purchases; thermal scans at entry points; and better on-site health services and medical aid.”

GDC Relief Fund

CES 2021 date and logo
GDC Relief Fund (Image: GDC Relief Fund)

The GDC Relief Fund has been distributed to just shy of 180 developers around the world.

The fund was set up earlier this year by Wings Interactive, an organisation that seeks ways to help support games developers from diverse backgrounds.

It was started to support developers that would be more financially impacted by the cancellation of GDC 2020 in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. The fund was one of many efforts from across the games industry to help those affected by the show’s absence.

Zynga  Goes Big in Acquisition of Peak Games
Source: TechCrunch

Zynga (Image: Zynga)

Turkey sees its first billion dollar-level acquisition, courtesy of a big company buy from within the game industry:

“Social gaming company Zynga confirmed that it is buying Istanbul-based Peak Games, the company behind popular Candy-Crush-style mobile gaming apps Toon Blast and Toy Blast, for $1.8 billion — $900 million in cash, and $900 million in Zynga shares.

Interestingly, this is the second time that Zynga has made a Peak Games acquisition. In 2017, it purchased the company’s mobile card games business for $100 million…”

Sega’s Big News This Week is About A Very Small Blast From the Past
Source: Forbes

Sega Game Gear Micro held in hand
Sega Game Gear Micro (Image: Sega)

Sega announcement this week had a lot of fanfare and hype leading up to it, but what did it turn out to be? A Sega CD or Dreamcast Mini? Not quite.

“Sega is celebrating its 60th anniversary in a big way. Or, to be more precise, with a tiny device. It’s releasing a mini version of its ‘90s handheld console, the Game Gear.

The Game Gear Micro will cost ¥4,980 (about $45). According to Kotaku, it’ll be available in four colors: blue, yellow, red and the original black. It’ll start shipping on October 6th. If you opt for a bundle of all four consoles, you’ll receive a new version of the Big Window attachment to help you see that teeny screen more clearly.”

PS5: Everything We Know
Source: Gamespot

PlayStation 5 Logo
PlayStation 5 Logo (Image: Sony)

We’re learning more and more about the new consoles coming out later this year, especially when it pertains to their hardware specs. Today Gamespot revealed a bit more about the PS5 reveal event being delayed, what launch games are coming with the announcement, and an interesting bit about the backwards compatibility for the console.

“Sony had set a reveal event for PlayStation 5, with the promise of the first footage of PS5 games, for June 4. However, in light of racial justice protests occurring across the United States and other countries, the company postponed the event in order to “stand back and allow more important voices to be heard.” A new date has not yet been set, but it’s among the many companies delaying their events out of early June. Whenever it is rescheduled, we may not get an official price or release date, as those factors could still be up in the air and may depend on Xbox Series X to some extent.”

Also by Gamespot today but in a separate article, the Xbox Series X had a similar game lineup and release date update. Check it out here.

Nintend Continues to Sell Switches Like Hotcakes
Source: Videogamer

PlayStation 5 Logo
Switch Logo (Image: Videogamer)

Nintendo continues to sell the Switch (especially the new battery enhanced version) like hotcakes. Every since ‘human malware’ was introduced (thanks Gamers Nexus), the Switch has been one of those hot items that satiates gamers cravings during social distancing and lockdown needs.

“Nintendo’s latest fiscal year earnings report have been analysed and broken down. Between April 1, 2019, to March 31, 2020, 21.03 million Switches were shipped by the company, showing the strength of the console since its launch. Towards the end of this fiscal year, however, Nintendo faced delays and stock shortages as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.”

We own a Switch and are quite happy with it, so if you can get your hands on one and don’t already have games to play (if you’re reading this, we’d be shocked if that was the case), then by all means go pick it up… if you can find one.

Do you have interesting news to share, or something coming up that would also fit into this regular feature? Let us know!


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