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Your Latest Game Industry News Round-Up #13

Scope out a few of the news stories from the game industry this week, hand-picked from across the world of games.


EVO 2020 Canceled
Source: ESPN

EVO 2020 Champsionship Series logo
EVO Championship Series 2020 (image: EVO)

EVO Online 2020 has been canceled, but unlike so many other events, it’s not due to the COVID-19 pandemic:

“The Evolution Championship Series fighting game tournament was canceled Thursday after multiple game developers, esports organizations, competitors and hosts pulled out of the event amid sexual misconduct allegations against Evo co-founder and organizer Joey “MrWizard” Cuellar.

“Over the past 24 hours, in response to serious allegations made public on Twitter, we have made the first of a series of important decisions regarding the future of our company,” Evo said in a statement. “Effective immediately, Joey Cuellar will no longer be involved with Evo in any capacity. We are currently working towards his complete separation from the company and have relieved him of all of his responsibilities.”

Super Smash Brothers Community Impacted by Harassment Allegations
Source: Digital Trends

Another competitive gaming community (and it’s gatherings), has been hit hard by sexual harassment allegations in the last week:

“The competitive Super Smash Bros. world is reeling after a slew of sexual misconduct allegations against some of the game’s biggest names flooded social media late Wednesday and early Thursday.

Nintendo, in a statement to Digital Trends, said “we are deeply disturbed by the allegations raised against certain members of the competitive gaming community. They are absolutely impermissible. We want to make it clear that we condemn all acts of violence, harassment, and exploitation against anyone and that we stand with the victims.”

Will Next-Gen Games Be Priced $10 More Vs. Current-Gen Games?
Source: Business Insider

NBA 2K21 game box art for next-gen console systems
Standard Edition NBA 2K21 (Image: 2K Games)

“When this year’s annual “NBA 2K” game launches, it’ll cost the same $60 it has always cost for current-generation Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

But when the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X arrive this holiday season, the next-gen version of “NBA 2K21” will cost $70 — a precedent-shattering shift in the price model that the game industry has used for console games for over 10 years.

“$69.99 may be the new standard pricing for next gen titles,” NPD Group video games analyst Mat Piscatella said of the announcement.”

Game Publisher Kongregate Shrinking
Source: The Verge

Kongregate logo featuring a black ant silhouette and a large "K" on a red background
Kongregate logo (Image: Kongregate)

“Video game publisher and web gaming company Kongregate is no longer accepting new submissions for its gaming portal, the company has announced. As of this writing, Kongregate’s site says there are 128,655 games available on the service, and the announcement means there are unlikely to ever be more. Kongregate says it’s also shutting down many of the site’s social features, and reports that it’s made a number of layoffs as part of the changes.”

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare — Biggest Game Ever?
Source: Screen Rant

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer skirmish
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in multiplayer mode {Image: Activision)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare now requires over 200 GB of storage space on PC after its latest update, making it one of the largest games ever released. The update added lots of new features to the game, including the Cheshire Park multiplayer map and a 200-player mode for the battle royale Warzone.”

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