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Video of the Month – Unity GDC Showcase 2021

We love checking out new games and are a fan of the popular game development platform, Unity. So we were excited to get a look at all the products on the Unity GDC Showcase, hosted by Kat Strafford, which has been part of the overall GDC extravaganza for the past few years. She presented a series of amazing-looking games already released to those awaiting hordes of players to check out.

While games are certainly a highlight of the show, Unity is a massive game development platform that has its own buzz around it. Game developers were involved to present how they created their games and why the platform is so powerful, convenient, and perhaps most importantly, that it is widely accessible to smaller studios. The Unity team themselves also spent some time talking about what’s coming up in 2021 and beyond for the platform to open up the next level of gaming.

Dozens of other games and announcements were made through the hour-long show. It’s from a few months ago, but it’s worth the watch. Normally we try to talk about a video that is of the current month, but with GDC coming up next week, it’s a good time to share this video!

Check out the Unity GDC Showcase 2021 livestream recording below!

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