Video of the Month — PAX Unplugged 2019

Penny Arcade Expo (PAX)’s first show was in August of 2004 in Australia (there still is a PAX Australia show as of 2019). The PAX shows have expanded to multiple cities across the United States since 2004 with the most well known being PAX West in Seattle, WA. Others are PAX East in Boston, MA and PAX South in San Antonio, TX.

A lesser known and much newer event in the PAX lineup is PAX Unplugged based in Philadelphia, PA. Even though a big part of all PAX shows are the plethora of tabletop games, the PAX organizers felt there was a need for a show focused exclusively on these games, and thus PAX Unplugged was born. The inaugural event was in 2017 with the third year held with record numbers this past December 6-8, 2019.

For this month’s featured video, watch with us PAX Unplugged 2019’s Day 1 and 2 video journals to see what this new PAX event is all about:

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