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Video of the Month — Intel’s Big Picture View of Games at the GDC Showcase

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) Showcase recently took place online last week. Already, some of the videos from this week-long “GDC Lite” event are available on-demand. One of the event’s platinum sponsors, the tech giant Intel, who is no stranger to gaming, has wasted little time sharing out their videos from the Showcase on YouTube.

In the video titled “Billions of Gamers Thousands of Needs Millions of Opportunities,” Intel’s Roger Chandler, VP/GM Client XPU Products and Solutions at Intel, MCed this almost-45 minute video taking an overview tour (from an Intel-centric point of view, as one might expect) of where gamers and game developers stand in the world of games after a world of disruption, evolution and other changes.

The video mixes up brief pitches about new gaming-centered products, like intel’s 11th generation Rocket Lake-S desktop CPUs, conversations with development partners like Hitman III‘s IO Interactive and Rome: Total War Remastered‘s publisher, Sega, and Tripwire interactive’s Chivalry II.

Intel expanded beyond metrics and marketing touchpoints, addressing some of the perspectives on the different reasons that motivate people to game. Jamie Sherman, PhD, Cultural Anthropologist, Research and Experience Design Team, Intel, touched on some research from their global studies about this topic to better understand games, gamers, and gaming. Instead of delving into the details of the research, the focus was on a few of the stories that drove the touchpoints of this presentation.

Among some of the stories, though, that’s mentioned in this video was the discussion of toxicity in online gaming, especially when some engagements between gamers can turn ugly. At GDC 2019, noted Roger Chandler, Intel discussed a proof of concept with Spirit AI that pairs their AI-powered toxicity detection with Intel’s hardware accelerated AI speech detection to address this issue. Fast forward two years, and Intel announced that this concept has advanced to become the launch of their (currently in beta) Bleep software. Bleep is apparently designed to work on latest-gen Intel hardware desktops and platforms. The purpose of this software is to AI capabilities to detect and filter out unwanted speech from in-game chat and other audio applications. Bleep will be available sometime this year.

After summing up some of the the tools and services Intel offers game developers, Roger Chandler teased with “a somewhat cryptic video” about Intel’s Xe HPG, which represents Intel’s move into the discrete graphics space (with AMD and NVIDIA).

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