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Samsung DeX and Mobile eSports

The Samsung DeX hardware and software platform is all about making mobile a little friendly for enterprise and productivity users accustomed to traditional computer interfaces, by enabling them to connect their phones to a keyboard, mouse and monitor. By “phones”, however, I am referring to those folks who happen to own the most recent class of Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy S8, 8+ and Note 8.

It’s not the first time that making a mobile hardware and software connection to more PC-style usability has been attempted, but it is arguably the first time It’s been done through a company as large as Samsung, under a unified platform.

But, what about mobile power users who happen to be gamers? Furthermore, what if those gamers like their gaming competitive (aka esports)? Super Evil Megacorp is testing the waters with its flagship competitive mobile iOS and Android title, Vainglory.

Announced at the official unveiling event for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in New York City, Vainglory is to see full DeX support in version 2.8. There is no doubt the game’s strong visuals would pop on a monitor, but it is open to question whether the game’s control scheme would fully translate to the DeX-type mouse and keyboard interface.

Beyond that, how many eSports tournaments would allow DeX support — without categorizing the game as more of a PC game with that sort of mouse/keyboard control and display? Hopefully, a tournament environment will give Vainglory (with DeX support on) a proper workout in the wild.

Still, being able to play, say, text intensive RPGs or graphical (touch) point and click RPGs, insofar as they are on mobile, repesents a pretty cool prospect for DeX support as more games are enabled with support.

Keep tuned in to see if more mobile gaming apps, and competitive mobile games in particular, announce their partnership with DeX!



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