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Red Bull Releases Series Highlighting Canadas’s Booming Esports Ecosystem and Local Powerhouse Athletes (press release)

The short video pieces were captured leading up to and at “Get On My Level” (GOML), one of the world’s largest Super Smash Brothers tournaments that was recently held in Toronto. What began as a recent student rally to bring a high profile event to Toronto has now become a multi-day production drawing in-person crowds of thousands and concurrent viewers online of over 60,000.

Each episode of A New Level follows a separate narrative; one focused on an eSports athlete, another on an event organizer and the final on Canada’s eSports ecosystem. All three episodes of A New Level can be viewed on Red Bull eSports’ YouTube channel.


Episode One


This story of Red Bull eSports athlete Leffen revolves around his inner ambitions, as he competes against his own desire to excel and up-level his gameplay. The episode dissects how the burden of victory drives Leffen to improvement, and how his relationship with the other ‘gods’ is developed upon that shared burden.

Watch the episode here:

Episode Two


Joe Cribani is Toronto’s premiere tournament organizer. A veteran of the Canadian eSports community, Joe has seen the Smash community grow from humble venues to the prime convention centers that are used for today’s “Supermajors”. This episode explores the responsibility placed on a TO’s shoulders, and the stress of running a large event with the whole world watching.

Watch the episode here:

Episode Three


For years, it appeared that Canada was standing outside the limelight as the US proudly groomed stars such as Ken, Azen, Mango, PPMD, and Hungrybox. Enter Canadian powerhouses None, Kirbykaze, and Kage – three Canadians who have now made an infamous mark on the Smash community, defeating one of the ‘gods’ in the bracket. This story revolves around the brotherhood that these players share, and the support that their community provides for them as they represent their home country.

Watch the episode here:


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