Q&A: Cindy Bowens Introduces Gamerz for Gamerz

We are excited to have been able to talk with Cindy Bowens about her new service, Gamerz for Gamerz!

Bowens and Michelle Butler, both veterans of the online video gaming industry, founded Gamerz for Gamerz just a few weeks ago. Gamerz for Gamerz was created to provide networking, communication and event services for both gamers and developers.

Here is what they had to say about the service!

Q: How and when did you get into the game industry?

A: I got into the game industry after hosting two events for “EverQuest” players in 1999. After the success of those EverQuest Gatherings, I was hired by Verant/SOE to oversee Fan Faires all over the country and be the community manager for “EverQuest.” I’ve been building online game communities and hosting events for gamers ever since!

Q: What do you hope to accomplish with Gamerz for Gamerz?

A: Michelle and I have always shared a passion for bringing gamers together to socialize and meet the people behind the games that they play. Gamerz for Gamerz was formed to bring the general population of the gaming community together, to be able to reconnect with old friends and find new gaming networks. We will soon be providing new ways to accomplish that both online and in person.

Q: How will you integrate different game styles and communities into one community?

A: The community we are building will consist of gamers and developers from all backgrounds and genres. But we will be providing ways for people to find one another within that large community. For example, we will soon be opening our VIP forums for industry professionals. This will be the first step in helping developers and other industry professionals find each other and begin to build their own subcommunities. That’s one of the keys to building a healthy community: strengthening your subcommunities.

Q: What will Gamerz for Gamerz offer to the community?

A: We will be offering online tools to help gamers connect. In addition, we will be hosting events for gamers to attend around the country. We will be announcing those details at the Halloween Launch Party!

Q: Will you be live streaming for your Halloween event?

A: We will be live streaming the Halloween event and plan on streaming all of our future events as well.

Q: How have big companies done in supporting their communities?

A: I think most companies, big or small, do all they can to try to support their communities. Most do a great job online, their community managers working closely with their dev teams and their audiences. But things like live events are extremely expensive and time-consuming for any company and community manager. We will be offering ways to help companies reach their audiences at lower costs and less stress and time commitment for their teams.

Q: How has social media impacted how game companies communicate with their players?

A: Social media has made community building much, much easier than it used to be. Jumping in now to build this company and community, I’ve been amazed and thrilled how much different it is to start everything now with social media. Back in the day, I had to accomplish all of this on message or bulletin boards!

Q: Is Gamerz for Gamerz a service for game players or industry pros?

A: We are here for both gamers and pros! We have always enjoyed providing ways for players and devs to interact. We will be providing services for both and offering ways for them to meet and mingle together both online and in person!

Q: Thanks for chatting with us about Gamerz for Gamerz, Cindy!

A: Thanks for the opportunity to coordinate with Events for Gamers! It’s exciting to see all of the different events and conventions available to industry pros and gamers.

We are looking forward to offering even more ways for gamers and devs to connect. Join our Facebook page for the latest information on our services and the upcoming Halloween Party. And hopefully, we will be seeing at one of our upcoming events!

To learn more, visit the Gamerz for Gamerz’ official website.

Updated: July 13, 2020 — 8:07 pm