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PAX Prime 2014 schedule is live

The schedule for PAX Prime 2014 is now live on the web; the panel is going to more focused on the video game industry as a whole. Max Scoville wrote up this description for for the PAX Prime 2014 panel: “In Heavy Rain, we changed a diaper. In Fallout 3, we cured a broken leg by eating mashed potatoes found in a toilet. In Bioshock Infinite, we stole a hot dog from a dead man’s pocket, and ate that too. In Gone Home, we picked up everything we could and threw it on the floor, like a toddler or chimpanzee. Sometimes it’s the game that’s silly, and sometimes it’s the player. Join us as we reflect upon some of the more absurd moments from our time spent exploring virtual worlds.”

A majority of the panels are rated age 13 and up only. Here is the entire shceudle:


  • 10Am @ Sandworm Theatre: Volition to reveal an upcoming project. Saints Row related ?
  • 10:30 AM @ Wombat Theatre: Tripwire Interactive’s Killing Floor 2 panel
  • 5PM @ Main Theatre: Assassin’s Creed Unity panel


  • 10Am @ Sandworm Theatre: How Media Molecule made Tearaway
  • 10:30Am @ Hedgehog Theatre: First look at Camp Santo
  • 11AM @ Main Theatre: Halo and the Journey of the Master Chief
  • 12:30 PM @ Sasquatch Theatre: Firaxis Games Mega Panel
  • 4:30PM @ Main Theatre: Grim Fandango: Bringing the Dead Back to Life with Tim Schafer


  • 10 AM @ Hedgehog Theatre: The Game Industry Rumble! Live on the N64!
  • 10:30 AM @ Main Theatre: Inside Gearbox Software
  • 11AM @ Sasquatch Theatre: Destructoid Presents: Video Games Are Stupid: The Inherent Silliness of the Medium
  • 12PM @ Hedgehog Theatre: So our game is called Destiny. Now what?


  • 1:30PM @ Hedgehog Theatre: Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor – Nemesis System Evolves Gameplay and Storytelling

Visit the PAX Prime 2014 website for more information: http://prime.paxsite.com/


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