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New talks about Starcraft II and other projects added to GDC Next 2014

GDC Next 2014 featuring ADC is coming up soon, and the organizers of GDC have just announced a new series of talks and discussions taking place at the convention. Jordan Womack from Blizzard Entertainment, MIT’s Game Lab, and the GameHeart mod project will talk about how modders can shape the growth of games as eSports. Micheal Wright will show the lifecycle of an ad from beginning to end; this will help developers understand the state of the contemporary ad market.

GDC Next 2014 and ADC’s goal is to emphasize practical ways for developers to increase the creative and financial success of their projects. The events take place on November 3rd-4th, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Speakers from Blizzard, MIT’s Game Lab, and the GameHeart project will discuss how they worked together to iterate on the observer experience of Starcraft II as an eSport. The talk is entitled ” Starcraft II and GameHeart: Evolving eSports Interfaces with Modders.

During their speeches, each announcer will retrace the experiences and the best practices in the project, as well as examine how communication between game developers, content-creating fans, and tournament organizers can push further experimentation with the live presentation of competitive digital games.

Michael Wright will do a speech called “Advertising 101: The Journey of an Ad from Marketer to Consumer.” In his speech, Wright will offer a overview of the lifecycle of an ad from brand to user. For more information on GDC Next, visit the homepage.

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