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Launch of BATSU! The Punishment Card Game Kickstarter

Do you want be the perfect party host and inflict fun pain on all your guests as they cry out for more (or just cry)? Yes? We thought so.

Card games are aplenty, so it can be a real challenge to find something fresh and innovative. We just found the next card game we’re excited by that fits the fresh and innovative category in more ways than one.

BATSU! Heard of it? If not, you don’t know what crazy fun you’re missing. Here’s a quick definition that sums up what you’d be getting into for this card game:

    “Generally, a batsu game takes place after some sort of competition or bet. The winner forces the loser to participate in the batsu game, which involves doing or experiencing something unpleasant. The winner takes enjoyment in the fact that he does not have to experience the punishment and that he is forcing the loser to do so.” – Wikipedia

Here’s the BATSU! The Punishment Card Game Kickstarter video to sum it all up:

Interested? Sure you are. Get the Kickstarter of BATSU, The Punishment Card Game by Giant Fox Studios #BatsuCardGame while it’s still in their opening phase. We have!


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