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Important Gen Con 2014 Show Dates

Gen Con Indy 2014 is just a few months away! Ok, everything is always just a few months away :). This is a great event to attend, so be sure to read over the following registration details if you think you are going!

Gen Con Indy 2014 Badges

Pre-Registration opens on January 26 at noon (Eastern) and will last until June 29 at 11:59 pm (Eastern). During Pre-Registration, most badges are $10 cheaper than their standard Registration prices.

Hotel Registration begins on January 28 at noon (Eastern) and closes on July 21 at 5 pm (Eastern).

This year, for the first time ever, Family Fun badges will go on sale during Pre-Registration! That’s right, attendees now can purchase Family Fun badges in January. At just $30 for a family of four, the Family Fun Day badge is the ultimate Gen Con bargain. Also for the first-time, the Family Fun Day badge will be combined with the Sunday one-day badge, so that ALL Sunday badges now will be known as Sunday Family Fun badges. Going to Family Fun Day has never been easier!

Despite increasing show costs, Gen Con Indy has chosen not to raise its badge prices in 2014. All badge prices will remain at their 2013 price levels. Attendees should be aware, however, that Marion County has raised its admissions tax for 2014, increasing it from 6% to 10%. This tax will be represented in the final transaction price during badge sales.

Event Submission

Event Submission begins on January 10. Event organizers and GMs should submit their events early, as last year, more than 11,000 events competed for event space.

“Early” Event Submission will end on February 7 with those submitted getting priority placement.

Gen Con will continue to receive and accept events after submission closes on March 14. Events submitted after that date may not find available space or be included in the yearly Program Book.


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