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A famous comics writer is heading to Teesside University to discuss her career in comics

Gail Simone, who made a career as a comics writer in such recognizable titles as Wonder Woman and Batman, will be speaking at the Animex Comics 2014 about her amazing career as a recognised comics writer. Gail has also done some work for The Simpsons. Animex Comics was first launched last year as part of the international Animex festival, which is solely dedicated to animation and computer games in the UK. This will be the first time Gail has given a speech at the Animex Comics. Gail said that this event is different from other events she attends, since the other events are more traditional. Gail is also very excited to hear the other guest speakers speak about topics she has a passion for. Gail will speak about a topic called A Career in Comics; she will cover some of the successes and highlights of the time she spent in the industry.

Gail hopes that there will be people in the audience that will be inspired by her words, and might consider going down the same road. Gail has currently been in the comics industry for ten years, and she finds inspiration at every event she attends. Gail expresses how much she enjoys her job, and how she gets to work with amazing artists. She also gets to travel around the world talking to readers. Animex 2014 will be held from February 10th to the 14th of 2014, and people from the UK and Europe go to this event. Companies such as Disney, Ubisoft, Dreamworks, and Marvel are among the top companies making an appearance at Animex 2014. You will be able to listen to Gail at Animex Comics on Wednesday, February 12th at 3:45pm. Follow this link for more information on Animex 2014:

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