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eSports Zone No. 3

This column has been on an extended vacation, touring the world, taking pictures and finding itself, but now eSports Zone is back to wrap up a little of the amazing news in the fast-moving world of competitive gaming. Let’s review (and we promise to skip the long, boring slide show from that trip):

eSCON USA Agenda is Online

This news is as fresh as newly baked bread. Just announced today, eSCON USA’s agenda (which will require email and other info to download it). This Kisaco Research conference will be hosted in Los Angeles in September 13-14. Expect senior level attendees from various aspects of the world of eSports, blended together into an intimate multi-track conference format. If you are more sure than less sure you will attend, if you sign up by June 23, you can cinch a $300 discount by quoting “EM1” at checkout.

Biz-eSports Summit Underway

Just as current as the other news we shared, the Biz-eSports Summit is currently underway, which just goes to show how much news makes its way out of the eSports world every day. Also held in Los Angeles, this conference, which as its moniker suggests, is built around the booming business of eSports, is taking place today and tomorrow (May 19th).

Facebook and ESl partner on eSports Livestreaming

Another fresh announcement: this time not in the domain of talking about eSports but showing eSports to its audience. CNET reports that ESL will be partnering with Facebook to show almost 5,500 hours of livestreaming eSports. From those thousands of hours of Counter Strike: Global Offensive Rank S competitive game play, about 1,500 hours will be exclusive to the giant social media platform’s audience. For the gamers jumping into the digital ring, $40,000 will be awarded to the point leaders in the league.

Pro Sports Team Buys eSports Team

This headline above echoes an increasingly common theme among traditional pro sports clubs, who buy their own eSports team. This time around, The Guardian posted about Sydney-based football (soccer) league, the Adelaide Crows, who has now acquired the top-performing Legacy team, who competes in League of Legends in the Oceanic Pro League.

Universities and eSports

Two news blurbs for the price of one but both are about the college world and competitive gaming! UK-based Staffordshire University, Esports News UK reports, is now rolling out a three-year course around organizing a commercial eSports event, covering PR, marketing, technical and production considerations as well as other nuts and bolts issues that go into building an eSports enterprise. On the American side of the pond, Indiana Tech University, which has the distinction of helping to found the National Association of Collegiate Esports, is recruiting quality eSports players in a way that echoes a long-held tradition of collegiate sports searching for the most talented athletes for their traditional teams (via IndyStar).

With so much news from the world of competitive gaming coming out, eSports Zone No. 4 is sure to be on its way soon!


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