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Day of the Devs: San Francisco Edition on March 17 to Feature Incredible Group of Video Games

Day of the Devs: San Francisco Edition is an in-person event taking place on Sunday, March 17 from 3pm – 8pm PT at The Midway. As usual, no tickets are required, the event is FREE ENTRY and is OPEN TO ALL AGES. The community can RSVP for the family-friendly event right now via Eventbrite. Also, be sure to check out this great sizzle reel trailer here, which dropped today in celebration of the event, and showcases all 78 unreleased and incredible games playable at the show.

Day of the Devs: San Francisco Edition will feature the following games and projects: #BLUD, #DRIVE Rally, 1000xRESIST, AIKODE, Albert Wilde: Quantum P.I., Anger Foot, ART IS RIFLE, Bib Goes Home, Bits & Bops, Botany Manor, Breeze in the Clouds, Cataclismo, Channel: Death, Chasing the Unseen, Combo Devils, Constance, Crow Country, Crowsworn, Cryptical Path, Ctrl+Alt+Destroy, darkwebSTREAMER, Death of a Wish, Death of the Reprobate, Death the Guitar, Doggy Don’t Care, Dome-King Cabbage, Drag Her!, Dystopika, Echo Weaver, Europa, Footgun:, Underground, Fruitbus, Gourdlets, Grunn, Haste: Broken Worlds, Hauntii, Helskate, Hermit and Pig, Holstin, HORSES, Hyper Light Breaker, Isles of Sea and Sky, Janet DeMornay Is A Slumlord (and a witch), JETCola, Kind Words 2, Llamasoft: The Jeff Minter Story, Lucky Tower Ultimate, Mars After Midnight, Mashing LED, Mika and the Witch’s Mountain, Militsioner, Nightshift Galaxy, ODDADA,, Pepper, Grinder, Phonopolis, Roman Sands RE:Build, Selfloss, She Dreams Elsewhere, Simpler Times, Slime Heroes, SOPA, Sophia the, Traveler, SULFUR, Surf Club, Thank Goodness You’re Here!, The Axis Unseen, The Beauty Cult’s, NECTARMANCER, The Star Named EOS, Toroa: Skycall, Two Strikes, Ultimate Godspeed, Valley Peaks, What the Car?, Wild Bastards, Wildwood Down, WonderWander and Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom.

Day of the Devs: San Francisco Edition’s sponsors include founders, Double Fine and iam8bit, as well as Annapurna Interactive, Boneloaf, Devolver, Egg, Glum, ID@Xbox, Maximum Games, Panic, PlayStation, Popagenda, Razer, Sabotage Studio, Studio MDHR, Summer Game Fest and UFO50.

Additionally, Day of the Devs’ first fundraising campaign on FundraiseUP as a non-profit, has been extended! Now running until March 25, fans who donate can choose to receive a variety of gifts, including a huge pack of incredible top tier Steam games, all of which have been featured Day of the Devs events over the past decade, from developers and publishers: Double Fine Productions, iam8bit, Enhance, Night School Studio, Capybara Games, Sabotage Studio, Tribute Games and more, PLUS VIP tickets to events and a loot box of Day of the Devs swag from iam8bit. The full list of gifts and tiering details can be found here.

All funds will go towards supporting Day of the Devs in their efforts to spotlight unique and magical video games and the developers who make them  – all completely free, with no costs to either developers or event attendees.


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