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Get your tickets now: Highlights at gamescom congress 2022


Cologne, 18 August 2022: More than 80 international speakers, top politicians on site and numerous strong partners make the gamescom congress on 25 August 2022 unique! From various perspectives, the congress shows that there is much more to computer games than entertainment. In around 50 different programme points, the gamescom congress impressively demonstrates the opportunities that games offer for education, science, business, and culture, as well as for our social interaction. After two digital editions, Europe’s leading conference on the potential of computer games will once again be held on site at Koelnmesse’s Congress-Centrum North as part of gamescom. Tickets are still available at short notice at www.gamescom-congress.de.

“Finally, gamescom in Cologne is back again! And after a three-year break, the gamescom congress is once again taking its permanent place at the world’s largest event for games. Once again, we have succeeded in bringing national and international experts to Cologne. They will show the economic and social areas in which games have already become indispensable. I am looking forward to the exchange and networking at the gamescom congress”, says Nathanael Liminski, Minister for Federal and European Affairs, International Affairs and Media of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and Head of the State Chancellery. The state of NRW has been a sponsor of the congress for many years.

Political kick-off

The gamescom congress kicks off with a talk between Felix Falk, Managing Director of game, the association of the German games industry and Nathanael Liminski, Minister for media in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Afterwards, one of the political highlights of the entire gamescom will attract attention: At the Debatt(l)e Royale, Kevin Kühnert (Secretary General, SPD), Mario Czaja (Secretary General, CDU), Emily Büning (Federal Executive Director, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) and Bijan Djir-Sarai (Secretary General, FDP) will discuss hot topics of the young generation and what framework conditions politics must create in order to make the best possible use of the potential of games. The debate will be moderated by streamer Kim-Noemi Adam aka Freiraumreh and journalist Niklas Kolorz. Everybody is invited to join in the discussion via #DebattleRoyale and submit questions to the panel. The talk will be streamed live on www.gamescom-congress.de and https://www.twitch.tv/gamescomcongress.

Now or November – When Should You Buy a New Graphics Card?


For the past couple of years, since Nvidia released their RTX 3000 series of graphics cards (GPUs) and AMD released their Radeon RX 6000 series, the GPU market has been in extremely short supply (at least for us regular gamers). The primary reason is due to a relatively limited supply of the cards being bought up by crypto miners and resellers. As the crypto market has dropped sharply in recent months, GPU supply has been opened up at much lower cost. Up until June, it was nearly impossible to buy a card that you needed, or might it cost you an arm and a leg from some scalper offering.

Today, things have changed. GPUs are in abundance with many selling at below MSRP. The time is right to buy!… or is it?

Some personal considerations

  • In immediate debt?
  • Rely on a computer that just broke down or might fall apart in the very near future?
  • Rely on a computer but it’s slow, hampering your use of it?
  • Emotionally willing to wait a month or two?
  • Have no problems with current computer, but feel an upgrade would help in games?
  • Love to upgrade and have the money to do so every year or two?

Let’s play devil’s advocate and look at the two main points of view.

Now is a good time to buy

In general, now is an excellent time to buy if you don’t want to wait a couple of months to get the next best thing and are not the type of person to need the latest and greatest. You especially probably don’t need the next generation of GPUs as the current generation will run just about any game even at 4K with RTX. If you want 4K and RTX at higher refresh rates, then a wait might be worth it. Prices on current generation cards may drop further, but they probably won’t drop much more than they are now and inventory is starting to dry up for many variations.

However, if you’re like us who are ok with their current systems but crave the latest and greatest for our mod heavy, poorly optimized, games that need sheer brute force performance, or are eager to shave off a few more seconds on that video compilation time, then a wait would perhaps be worth it.

Now is NOT a good time to buy – ‘Futureproofing’

Waiting just a couple of months can often be a good choice to ‘future proof’ your system. Yes, you can future proof your system. Don’t listen to those naysayers that suggest ‘you’re always going to be waiting with that mindset’. This is a shortsighted answer if you follow some basic reasoning, like how close is the next generation of products, how long will it be after their release before something once again worthwhile arrives, and what’s the cost difference between generations if you wait to save some cash on dropping prices or last gen considerations?

For example, the coming CPUs by AMD are going to be the first (for AMD) to have DDR5 memory, PCIE 5.0 bandwidth, more cache on the CPU and GPU (great for games), and other technologies that’ll be valuable to have for years. Sure, I could ignore all that and get a DDR4 system now, but then I’d just want all these new technologies a year from now when I can wait just another month to get them instead. The products coming out in a year are not going to have this many new technologies. DDR6, PCIE 6.0, etc., won’t arrive yet for several years.

Cost is going to be a big decision maker of course. Last gen products and ones that are a few months old may be a cheaper and thus a better buy. However, we’ve found that the price difference is often not enough to justify a near-term repeat purchase. Purchasing a decent DDR4 64GB option will set you back about $200 at the low end. DDR5 64GB is about $330 or so at the low end. If you buy DDR4 64GB now and then a year from now go “shucks, I want to upgrade” you’re doing it all over again (perhaps at a lower price, but don’t forget you’ll need a motherboard with DDR5 support), instead of just getting the higher priced (but better performing) DDR5 now and having that last for years instead.

This is what we mean when future proofing your system can make sense. There are of course other variables as the years go by, like improving DDR5 performance that may sway you to wait yet another year, new technologies that may need another year to become stable with improved drivers, etc., but that’s really getting into the weeds at that point.

Decide to wait for that new RTX 4090 GPU? There’s a catch…

While last generation sucked a lot of power from your wall outlet, this upcoming generation for both Nvidia and AMD are going to increase power demand considerably, and the quality of that power will need to be considered. There are rumors of cards upwards of 600 watts or more (though some of these may be test boards and not actual final retail specs). Graphics cards are increasingly exhibiting millisecond power spikes call ‘transients’ that can, for just a few milliseconds, draw 2x or even 3x the power. Power supplies are designed to handle these spikes, but the next generation of graphics cards are going to have extreme spikes.

The power supply is always going to be the most important component for system stability. If you’re willing to wait for the next generation of graphics cards, by the time they are available the new ATX 3.0/12VHPWR power supplies that handle large transient spikes will also be available. Especially if you’re going to be purchasing a top end RTX 4090 or RX 7900XT once they are available later this year, you’ll want to pickup an ATX 3.0/12VHPWR power supply of at least 1000 watt capacity.

But what about Intel ARC?

ARC by Intel is an interesting new option coming to the GPU arena to fight alongside Nvidia and AMD. We personally would only recommend these GPUs as a potential budget solution, which several early previews appear to verify. But there’s too many unknowns yet about how the ARC GPUs will perform in all scenarios and driver support will take years to fully develop. The industry does need more competition, so Intel ARC on the stage can overall only be a good thing. Should you buy it, though? Well, at this time, it’s safe to say necessarily recommend buying any ARC-based GPUs or laptops or PCs released in 2022. But do keep an eye out for 2023, when a fuller picture of the ARC’s capabilities and software/hardware roadmap will be clearer.

Which events coming up soon might tell me more?

HotChips 34:
This event is coming up quickly, but it’s online and won’t require as much planning to attend. HotChips is for people who really like to geek out over GPUs, motherboards, and other architectures. Much of the discussions from this event won’t necessarily make it to the headlines, but for news sites that dissect the presentations, the show may be like a compass needle that reveals some architectural capabilities from Intel, Nvidia, and AMD.

Nvidia GTC 2022:
Coming up in mid-September online, NVIDIA’s next GPU Technology Conference (GTC) will focus on artificial intelligence and the metaverse. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be a hardware announcement, such as a new or updated GPU, that may impact gamers.

CES 2023:
There are few shows in a calendar year, except, arguably, for Computex Taipei, where there’s more fresh news rolled out about hardware and software products than CES, which takes place at the start of the year. Nvidia, AMD, and Intel will certainly come prepared with plenty of fresh news for what to expect for their GPUs product lines and more in 2023.


At the end of the day, buy what feels right for you! We hope these guidelines, resources, and considerations will make your purchasing option a stable and fast one for years to come. Let us know what you purchase in the comments below or on social media!

TwitchCon San Diego 2022 Masking and Vaccination Policies Updated


At the start of the month, Twitch, the livestreaming giant, who hosts their content creator-centered convention, TwitchCon, announced their health guidelines for the 2022 event in San Diego, CA. The original TwitchCon San Diego health policy stated:

“We’re constantly reviewing our health and safety guidelines along with local authorities. In accordance with current local guidelines, there will be no COVID-19 vaccination or testing requirements at TwitchCon San Diego. Although masks are encouraged, they are not currently required to attend TwitchCon.”

At the same time, a highly virulent version of COVID-19, the Omicron BA.5 strain, is the most dominant strain — with about 700-1,300 daily cases (at the time of this posting) in San Diego County. Although by early October, when TwitchCon commences, the COVID situation could be better or worse. However, this policy raised concerns for a number of potential TwitchCon attendees, especially among the immunocompromised and disabled community, who face greater risk of experiencing more severe COVID-related symptoms and for longer periods of time if they are infected.

One of the more prominent voices raising concerns has been Steven Spohn (Spawn), a disabled variety Twitch streamer and advocate, who suggested skipping TwitchCon San Diego this year as a response:

The backlash from some creators and attendees evidently made an impact. In a blog post this morning, TwitchCon organizers announced they’ve revised their health policies for attendees. Attendees will be required to wear masks for all indoors spaces at TwitchCon San Diego and to show a proof of vaccination and proof of negative COVID test within 72 hours of attending the show. The revised health policies can be found on the event site here.

Regarding this update, the early social media feedback from potentially attendees, especially among those who raised concerns (such as Spawn), has been generally positive.

TwitchCon San Diego is scheduled to take place in San Diego from October 7-9.

Head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty, to Deliver PAX West 2022 Storytime Keynote

PAX West logo in blue against white background

SEATTLE – August 9, 2022 – Matt Booty, Head of Xbox Game Studios, will deliver the Storytime keynote address at PAX West 2022, the West Coast’s most attended celebration of gaming and gaming culture. After the keynote, attendees can hit the Seattle Convention Center show floor, where legendary game creators The Pokémon Company will join a blockbuster lineup of exhibitors from Friday, September 2, through Monday, September 5.

Keynote speaker Matt Booty welcomes the global gaming community home to PAX West on Friday, September 2 at 10:30 am PT in the Main Theater. Matt’s storied career kicked off in the ‘90s with engineering work on legendary Midway Games titles like Mortal Kombat, NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, and Cruis’n USA. He joined Microsoft in 2010 to help lead internal game development teams and played a pivotal role in the acquisition of Minecraft and its expansion to other platforms, including Nintendo Switch, VR, and educational spaces. Matt is currently corporate vice president of Xbox Game Studios, the organization responsible for developing and publishing Microsoft games for console, PC, and mobile platforms.

The Pokémon Company hits PAX West inviting Trainers to experience the latest and greatest from the storied monster-catching franchise. ESL Gaming brings esports tournaments to the expo floor alongside other fan-favorite exhibitors, AAA and indie alike, including Nintendo, Sega, Finji, Bandai Namco, PLAION (formerly Koch Media), tinyBuild, Devolver Digital, Apogee Entertainment, Ysbryd Games, Raw Fury, Yacht Club Games, and so many more, including tech giants Intel, AMD, and ASUS.
“Every day leading up to the show, the PAX West experience is enrichened – and now we’re proud to announce industry powerhouse Matt Booty to kick off the show,” said Jerry Holkins, co-founder of Penny Arcade and PAX. “Now, I gotta go. I have a whole lotta Warhammer minis to paint before the show.”

For the safety of every participant, including attendees, exhibitors, guests and staff, PAX West 2022 will require all attendees to show proof of vaccination and attendees must wear face coverings at all times. For more information, please see the official health and safety guidelines.

A limited number of four-day badges for PAX West 2022 are available for $235, with single-day badges for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday available now for $62. For travel info, event schedules, FAQs, and more, check out the official website of PAX West and follow PAX on TwitterFacebookTwitch, and Instagram.

Gen Con Draws Over 50,000 Attendees in Return to Pre-Pandemic Scale


INDIANAPOLIS (August 8, 2022) — Gen Con, the largest and longest-running tabletop gaming convention in North America, returned to Indy this August 4-7, attracting a unique attendance of over 50,000 gaming fans to the Indiana Convention Center (ICC) and Lucas Oil Stadium for four days of playing games, shopping in the exhibit hall, cosplaying, enjoying local food and beverages, and connecting with fans from Indianapolis and around the world.

“Our goal this year was a return to the level of scale and spectacle that make Gen Con a can’t-miss annual event for gaming fans from around the world, and we absolutely feel we achieved that,” said Gen Con President David Hoppe. “We’re grateful to our tens of thousands of attendees, exhibitors, event organizers, and local partners who made this year a truly special 55th edition of The Best Four Days in Gaming.”

Gen Con Indy 2022, which marked the 55th of the convention since its founding in 1968, generated an estimated $57.4 million in economic activity for restaurants, hotels, and other local businesses in Indianapolis.

“For nearly two decades, Gen Con has held its amazing event in Indy. And, as Gen Con has grown in size, so has our city,” said Leonard Hoops, president & CEO of Visit Indy. “Our entire community loves welcoming Gen Con’s attendees, and we look forward to seeing them again in 2023 and beyond.”

The convention’s exhibit hall featured more than 530 game publishers and vendors. Publishers released more than 500 new game titles during the convention. More than 15,000 ticketed events were held over the four days, ranging from board games, card games, roleplaying games, comedy, music, seminars, the Costume Contest, Film Festival, and more.

“This year’s Gen Con was even better for us than 2019,” said Stephanie Shossow, Event Manager for The Op. “Gamers came ready to bring fun to the table!”

All participants were required to show proof of vaccination to attend and to wear masks while inside Gen Con-controlled spaces.

Concurrently with the in-person convention, an additional 900 virtual games and events were held through the convention’s Gen Con Online program, and over 50 hours of live video was streamed on the convention’s Twitch channels.

Gen Con Indy 2022’s official charity partner was the Patachou Foundation, a nonprofit which serves meals and learning experiences for children to increase their awareness of and excitement about food and fight the root causes of hunger in the community. Nearly $40,000 was raised over the weekend for the Patachou Foundation through multiple charity events.

Gen Con will return to Indianapolis August 3-6, 2023.

Evolution Championship Series (Evo) Japan Returns to Tokyo in 2023

EVO 2020 Champsionship Series logo
EVO Championship Series 2020 (image: EVO)

LAS VEGAS – August 7, 2022 – The Evolution Championship Series (Evo), one of the most pioneering and storied events in gaming, concluded its finals in Las Vegas by surprising thousands of fans in attendance at the finals with the news that Evo Japan will return to Tokyo on March 31-April 2, 2023. Tokyo Big Sight will host the historic fighting game tournaments, including Guilty Gear -Strive-, The King of Fighters XV, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, and TEKKEN 7. More games and event activities will be announced in the coming months, along with details on when registration becomes available.

“It is joyous having Evo Japan return to Tokyo for the global fighting game community,” said ​​Rick Thiher, General Manager of Evo. “Japan is the birthplace of competitive fighting games and we can’t wait to open the doors at Tokyo Big Sight next spring to continue celebrating their legacy with players and fans worldwide.”

Players and fans can follow the latest news on the official Evo Japan website at evojapan.gg, on Twitter @EVOJAPAN2023, or YouTube.

Evo Las Vegas welcomed more than 7,000 competitors from 63 countries on August 5-7, who faced off in a combination of new and returning fighting games.For more information on Evo 2022, players and fans can check out Evo.gg.

Explore the game industry with WN Conference in September


On September 8–9, over 500+ game industry decision-makers will gather in Limassol for WN Cyprus’22 — the game industry dealmaking event.

After productive events in Europe, China and USA, the WN Conference returns to Limassol! The conference is focused on the game market, and the core value is face-to-face communication with representatives of well-known gaming companies.

WN Cyprus’22 is tailored for efficient and intense networking by bridging foreign and local communities. Besides, the event features two days of extensive lectures and industry insights and a networking party on September 8.

All the attendees will get access to the WN Hub meeting system from August 25 to September 25 to network online before, during the event and after the conference. 

The conference features will work for both on-site and online audiences, allowing end-to-end networking with every guest at the event to hit all the goals and to gain a foothold on the game market.

Join WN Cyprus’22 on-site or online in September 2022 — find more information and tickets on the conference website.

Win Tickets to MAGWest 2022!


WINNERS ANNNOUNCED: Congrats to Sean C. for winning the Double Attendee tickets and Alexy S. for winning a Single Attendee ticket! We have reached out via your Gleam.IO provided e-mail address to confirm your ticket codes.

Thanks everyone for participating in this latest giveaway. We will have more in the future for other events soon!

For over a decade now, Events for Gamers has shared news about events, attended events and written about them — and now we’re offering readers a chance to attend some of these amazing events!

In partnership with MAGFest and their MAGWest event, Events for Gamers obtained five badges to MAGWest 2022 for our event calendar community!

Simply complete as many options in the following entry form to raise your chance at winning either a single badge, or the grand prize of them all, double badges for you and a lucky +1 for free access to MAGWest 2022!

Win Tickets to MAGWest 2022!

This sweepstakes runs from July 27 to August 3, 2022. Winners will be randomly selected and contacted on August 4, 2022 with a special code you can use to redeem on the MAGWest website.

Disclaimer: Badges are ONLY for access to the show and do not cover transportation, hotel stay, or any other fees or amenities whatsoever.

When is MAGWest? Visit Events for Gamers’ MAGWest 2022 calendar entry!

About MAGWest

MAGWest spawned from MAGFest, the Music and Gaming Festival currently on the East Coast. MAGWest is a three day event dedicated to the appreciation of video game music, gaming of all types, and the gaming community. MAGWest is the West’s flavor of video game music, gaming, and non-stop party action! The event runs 24 hours a day, and offers consoles, arcades, tabletop, LAN, live video game cover bands, chiptunes, guest speakers, pool concerts, and so much more!

Taipei Game Show 2023 Dates Announced: “Come in Gameverse” from February 2nd to 5th, 2023


Taipei Game Show (TGS) announced today that the 21st TGS will be held on February 2-5, 2023 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1. The Asia Pacific Game Summit, B2B ZONE, and B2C ZONE will be hosted during this period. The organizer, Taipei Computer Association, also announced the theme of the show in 2023: “Come in Gameverse”, inviting gamers to explore a next-gen gaming experience.

Starting in August, the organizer will be accepting B2C Zone exhibitor applications from businesses. The organizer revealed that a large number of games that had been previously delayed will be launched in the second half of 2022. Global marketing campaigns for these games are also starting to get back on track. Many businesses, including major game publishers around the world, have reached out to the organizer for early marketing plans. The forecast expects to see TGS returns to pre-pandemic scales in 2023. TGS has always been the first major gaming event to launch each year. It is also the first stop where the international game industry chooses to market their games to the Asia-Pacific region. In 2023, TGS will continue the hybrid model, hosting both online and offline events in tandem to create an incredible festival dedicated to gamers. TGS will release more information on its 2023 edition on their official website and Facebook page. Please stay tuned!

Taipei Game Show 2023
DateB2C ZONE  Feb. 2nd to Feb. 5th, 2023
(Exhibitor Registration will be open in August)B2B ZONE  Feb. 2nd to Feb. 3rd, 2023
(Exhibitor Registration will be open in September)Asia Pacific Game Summit Feb. 2nd to Feb. 3rd, 2023
VenueTaipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1
Official Sitehttps://tgs.tca.org.tw
Facebook Fan Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/taipeigameshowglobal

ESL Gaming and Spotify Partner to Enhance the Music Experience of Esports Fans


COLOGNE / NEW YORK —ESL Gaming, a part of ESL FACEIT Group, and Spotify, the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service of its kind, are thrilled to announce they are joining forces to provide the German-speaking esports community with qualitative, yet uncomplicated, access to their favorite music experiences and exclusive podcasts.

Unlocking the potential of human creativity and creating a place where everybody can be somebody, the collaboration is another step forward in expanding the esports culture and fulfilling both companies’ mission to enable more diversity and inclusion in their communities. Through the partnership with Spotify, fans have the opportunity to discover upcoming music artists, while they are able to easily access their music through a dedicated Spotify playlist. The whole partnership is represented by the claim “Level up with our gaming soundtrack”.

“Music and gaming truly go hand in hand, so we are therefore very excited to partner with Spotify and offer fans the best possible music experience,” said Benny Eichelmann, Senior Director, Global Brand Partnerships at ESL Gaming. “The partnership is a natural brand fit as it combines the best of the undisputed leader among music streaming platforms and the world’s leading esports company. By working together we can now enhance the experiences of our German communities to enjoy both their favorite music and premier esports content.”

“Gamers are increasingly becoming tastemakers in music, are important influencers in pop culture and shaping the zeitgeist. For Spotify ,gaming is one of the most important fandoms and our already established activities in gaming will be expanded with partnerships like this one. We will offer many opportunities for gamers as the new music influencers and it will be exciting to be able to map out further content around the ESL competitions”, said Heiner Kuhlmann, Head of Marketing at Spotify DACH.

The partnership commenced with the ESL Pro League (EPL) Season 16 Conference Stage in June, and continud to include international competitions through Intel® Extreme Masters (IEM) Cologne 2022 on July 5-17 — it will also include the Group and Playoff Stages of EPL Season 16 on August 31-October 2. Furthermore, the collaboration enables a deepened music experience for ESL Gaming’s products in the German speaking market, including the ESL Meisterschaft (ESL Gaming’s German National Championship), the Virtual Bundesliga, and DreamHack Hannover.

Bringing the best possible music experience to esports fans around the world, ESL and DreamHack branded playlists are already available on Spotify. Stay tuned as more custom content will be added soon.

For more information, please visit about.eslgaming.com, or follow ESL Gaming on LinkedInFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

ESL Gaming and Gravity Media Partner to Deliver Live Broadcast of Premier Global Esports Events


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, July 26, 2022, Cologne / New York / London / Paris — ESL Gaming, a part of ESL FACEIT Group, and Gravity Media are excited to announce a partnership delivering the production services of ESL Gaming’s global esports events over the next three years.

ESL Gaming will use Gravity Media as their exclusive service provider at some of the world’s largest multi-genre gaming and esports events, including Intel® Extreme Masters (IEM) Cologne in Germany, ESL One Malaysia in Malaysia, the IEM Rio Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship in Brazil, DreamHack Atlanta in the US, and many more. Gravity Media are proud to have been chosen to provide their expertise, equipment, and specialized human resources to deliver state-of-the-art esports event productions that can serve ESL Gaming’s complex and flexible needs worldwide.

Having the best possible broadcast experience is fundamental to us, as this is how we can bring our most memorable and iconic moments to all of the fans around the globe,” said Tobias Grieser, SVP Production at ESL Gaming. “Partnering up with Gravity Media opens many new doors for us to deliver the action from the world’s biggest esports stages to anyone’s home. With their cutting-edge technology and global presence, we can ensure that fans can enjoy our events to the fullest from wherever they are located and that they can do so in the best possible quality.

The future for esports is bright, offering many opportunities for new and exciting broadcasting approaches to provide the perfect environment for companies to engage with their clients,” said Ed Tischler, Managing Director, EMEA, at Gravity Media. “Gravity Media is excited to be working alongside ESL Gaming on multiple prestigious esports events. This project marks another truly global team effort where Gravity Media looks forward to capturing more from the thrilling esports action taking place over the globe. Our teams and offices in America, Australia, Europe, and across the Middle-East are excited to join forces with ESL Gaming to offer our world-leading expertise and support.”

To learn more about ESL Gaming and Gravity Media, please visit their official websites: www.eslgaming.com and www.gravitymedia.com

August 2022 Game Industry Events Calendar


To help you discover upcoming game industry events calendar that includes conferences, conventions, festivals and many other types of events, we post a consolidated list here on Events for Gamers each month.

We’re in the heat of summer (literally in the case of our headquarters here in Texas) and all the summer events are being talked about, starting with the super popular board and card game focused event, Gen Con! We’ve been to Gen Con numerous times over the last couple of decades and highly recommend attending this event at some point in your game industry adventures.

Notice how few online events there are with nearly as many hybrid as there are online? The trend accelerates from last month.

View this month’s event list below. You can also click here for the main calendar view that includes events into 2022 and beyond.

AUGUST 4-7: Gen Con
5-7: Crunchyroll Expo
6-7: BitSummit
6-7: Video Game Music Con
7-11: SIGGRAPH Vancouver
12: Business Growth Expo
12: THQ Nordic
17-19: New Zealand Game Developers Conference (NZGDC)
18-20: QuakeCon (Online)
19-21: MAGWest
22-26: Devcom Game Developer Conference
23-25: CEDEC (Online)
24-28: gamescom
24-26: MeetToMatch Cologne (Hybrid)
25: Gamescom Congress
27-28: PWR^South Bend
27-28: SiliCon
31-SEP 3: Promised Land Art Festival (Hybrid)

Which events are you attending this month? Let us know by commenting on this article here or on Twitter and Facebook!

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