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Augmented World Expo Auggie Award Winners Announced, Hall of Fame Members Inducted in a Groundbreaking Day for XR

June 20th, 2024 – Long Beach, CA. The XR world has a new lineup of champions. Last night following day 2 of the 15th annual Augmented World Expo USA, the world’s most innovative companies were recognized at the thrilling Auggie Awards ceremony.

The Auggie Awards have been the most recognized XR and spatial computing industry awards in the world since 2010. Now in their 15th year, the Auggies continue to showcase the best of the best.

In addition, 101 pioneers of XR were inducted yesterday into the first ever XR Hall of Fame in a special ceremony. The full list can be seen here. AWE also published highlights of news
announcements on the first day of the show – see it here.

“I’m beyond thrilled to have seen the quality of the Auggie Awards winners selected by the
judges,” said Ori Inbar, AWE cofounder. “Each and every one of these winners blew us away
with their innovation, pioneering spirit, and dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is
possible in XR and spatial computing. Congratulations to all!”

Auggie Award winners on stage at AWE 2024
Auggie Award winners on stage at AWE 2024 (image: AWE 2024)

The Auggie Award winners are…..

Best Art or Film – JFK Memento by TARGO: An Immersive Chronicle of the Assassination, a historically accurate record of 48 hours that changed the world. Video here.

Best Campaign – New Messi sandwich at Hard Rock Cafe by CamOn XR. CamOn XR, Hard
Rock Café and Yes We’re Open agency created a marketing campaign which includes
Augmented Reality solutions such as Web 360 and Social XR. Video here.

Best Climate Change Solution – SAMARitan by HENSOLDT Sensors, an XR solution for
enhanced situational and environmental awareness. SAMARitan gathers data from sensors to provide an early warning of wildlife kilometers away for proper reaction. Video here.

Best Collaboration Tool – Webex Hologram by Cisco, the first enterprise real time
photorealistic holographic solution which enables a feeling of co-presence. Video here.

Best Consumer App – Pillow XR App, the first XR app designed for lying-down in bed, with 4 innovative relaxing experiences and mind-bending multiplayer. Video here.

Best Content Creator(s) – Between Realities for The Between Realities VR Podcast, the
weekly ”virtual reality podcast from the philosophical gamer’s perspective.” Video here.

Best Creator & Authoring Tool – STYLY Studio which creates various types of XR scenes on web browsers. Users can place 3D models and images, or upload content created in Unity. Video here.

Best Developer Tool – 8th Wall’s Metaversal Deployment by Niantic, which enables developers to build a project once and deploy it to all devices: smartphones, tablets, computers and both AR and VR headsets. Video here.

Best Education & Training Solution – Hyper-realistic Safety Training System (immerseLearn) by Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) – a technology that uses IMU sensors and infrared cameras to track a trainee’s behavior and posture in real time to prevent accidents such as electric shock and falls that may occur in the power energy field. Video here.

Best Enterprise Solution – Campfire, the best way to share CAD/3D models throughout the physical product lifecycle, Video here.

Best Game or Toy – Kluest by Sons of a Bit Entertainment, the real-world metaverse platform which combines geolocation, user generated content and augmented reality. Video here.

Best Headworn Device – Meta Quest 3, a mixed reality headset that immerses you in a whole bunch of universes, and blends virtual elements with your physical reality. Video here.

Best Healthcare & Wellness Solution – American Heart Association’s Hands-Only CPR VR, which teaches teenagers and adults the lifesaving skill of Hands-Only CPR and the proper use of Automated External Defibrillators. Video here.

Best Indie Creator(s) – 3lb Games for growing in technical skill while maintaining high
standards for visual appeal, in-game music, and player movement. Video here.

Best Interaction Product – HTC VIVE Ultimate Tracker, HTC VIVE’s most advanced XR
tracking solution yet – it’s highly versatile, taking interactivity, utility, and expressiveness in XR experiences to the next level. Video here.

Best Location-Based Entertainment – Japantown Geospatial for Paper Tree Origami by Rock Paper Reality, which creates and deploys a world-anchored Geospatial experience for Origami store Paper Tree in Japantown, San Francisco, USA. Video here.

Best Societal Impact – TouchKEY+ Multisensory Station by WEART, which provides a unique solution for visually impaired and blind visitors to engage with artworks, through a digital and tactilely augmented experience. Video here.

Best Use of AI – AI and Augmented Reality at Pfizer – ”Manufacturing AR Co-Pilot”, which
predicts potential problems and generates corrective actions that are surfaced to operators in an easy-to-follow guided experience with location-based overlays using augmented reality. Video here.

Best Web3 Implementation – SEPHORA UNIVERSE by SURREAL Events, which redefines
beauty through immersive activations that allow Sephora customers to play games, explore
beauty products from brand partners, redeem rewards, collect NFTs, and create lifelike avatars. Video here.

Best startup – Playbook XR, a collaborative platform for producing 3D content. Playbook makes it easy for anyone, regardless of technical skillset, to produce the games, films, and blended experiences that will inspire and usher in the next wave of creators, by replacing game engines with AI-augmented tools.


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