2nd Annual Ottawa International Games Conference

From magmic.com: It’s almost time for the second annual Ottawa International Games Conference (OIGC)!

Are you currently working in the gaming industry or would like to? If yes, then you pretty much have to attend this conference. The Ottawa International Game Conference showcases the innovations and emerging trends in the Ottawa and Canadian gaming industry. You’ll learn from the best and also have a chance to network with all 43 incredible speakers. And you’ll get some awesome swag throughout the event!

Founded by a consortium of game studios in 2012, the Second Annual OIGC is set to take place May 30th-31st at the Ottawa Convention Centre and will bring together the geek developers, whisky drinking business types, and artsy creatives. Keynote speakers will blow minds, dynamic panels may turn into shouting matches, exhibitors will give away tons of SWAG, and the parties are going to make us wish handheld cameras were never invented.

Ottawa International Games Conference

Top 5 Reasons to Register Today!!
1.Save 50% off if you register by Friday and use discount code “mobilenations” and 35% off till the day of and use the discount code “producer”
2.MEET 3 O’Reilly authors including Tynan Sylvester, Gabe Zichermann, and David M. Bourg and a free book for the next 100 people who REGISTER
3.GET INVITED to the VIP Speaker and Sponsor kick-off party on Wednesday May 29th FOR the next 100 PEOPLE that REGISTER
4.Attend as many of the 39 SESSIONS/KEYNOTES we have planned including the pre-conference DEVELOPMENT DAY being held at the Ottawa Novotel as well as a JOB RECRUITMENT day at the Convention Centre
5.Meet the 43 incredible SPEAKERS AND PRESENTERS we have as part of this years line-up

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Updated: July 12, 2020 — 2:37 pm