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Winners of GameDaily Connect Indie Prize Contest

GameDaily Connect (formerly Casual Connect) announced the winners of its Indie Prize contest for independent game developers at their USA show Aug 27-29. This unique opportunity offered indie devs, whatever their experience, an opportunity to present and celebrate their hard work to a host of publishers and potential partners during the show. GameDaily Connect also offered networking opportunities with fellow developers over the course of the conference. The winners of the Indie Prize are as follows:

Best in Show: Audience Choice – Alluris | 562 Interactive, USA

Best Game Audio – Unheard | NEXT Studios, China

Best Game Design – Nubla 2 – M, the City at the Center of the World | Gammera Nest, Spain

Best Game Art – Art Inc. | PIXIO Limited, Hong Kong

Best Game Narrative – The Lighthouse | Shadow Knights Studio, USA

Best Multiplayer Game – Trident’s Wake | Bacus Studios, Argentina

Best Kids & Family Game – Party Time! | HyperTeam, Argentina

Best Mobile Game – Astrologaster | Nyamyam, UK

Most Innovative Game – OtherWorldly |, USA

GameDaily Connect’s next show is in Shenzhen, China on November 10-12, 2019. Tickets to the show and more information about GameDaily Connect can be found at

Submissions for Indie Prize China are open:

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