VRX 2018 Agenda Online

In the midst of the holiday season, on December 6-7 in San Francisco, the VRX 2018 conference will likely give attendees a sense of where the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) markets stand. According to the conference organizers, over 800 folks will be attending, with 90 speakers, over 40 demos and more. For folks unsure whether to attend or not, the conference agenda is live and might make it easier to decide whether joining in is the right way to go.

The first day of the conference will look at the bigger picture, outlining the opportunities and challenges in VR and AR markets. On the second day, the conference agenda will take a more granular look at VR and AR markets. In terms of content tracks, they are split between consumer tracks and startup tracks

However, if you’re in the business or development of games in AR or VR here’s a few sessions at VRX 2018 — all from the consumer track on day two — from the full agenda that might inspire interest.

The VR hockey stick – The path to mass adoption

nDreams CEO and Founder Patrick O’Luanaigh presents an in depth, up-to-date guide of the current VR games market with exclusive insight from other VR leaders. From ‘true’ VR and 5G to VR/AR convergence, Patrick will identify the key growth drivers for the industry, indicate when and why we expect the “hockey stick moment” and what should be kept in mind to capitalize on this future opportunity.

Patrick O’Luanaigh, Chief Executive Officer, nDreams

A route to mass consumer adoption: Location based VR and arcades

Through this panel picking up insights on the state of VR and location-based entertainment, where the — obstacles to and — openings for growth might be.  What hardware and what content is working best?

Kevin Bachus, Senior Vice President – Entertainment, Dave & Busters
John Canning, Executive Producer, Digital Domain
Amy Hedrick, Founder, CleanBox Technology

Gaming: What’s the real state of VR gaming?

Virtual reality has not taken off since the heady start of the current generation of hardware about five years ago. What’s worked in VR gaming? Where’s the opportunities for revenue development in the space? Is location-based entertainment an answer? These are a few of the questions this panel aims to answer.

Denny Unger, CEO, Cloudhead Games
Patrick O’Luanaigh, Chief Executive Officer, nDreams
Amy Allison, Head of Community, Skydance Interactive
John Coleman, Director – Business Development, Vertigo Games

VR games vs. flat screen games: Differences in marketing strategies & execution

In this presentation, Andreas will explain the key differences between marketing VR games & traditional flat screen games while highlighting the challenges any VR marketer faces and provide suggestions on how to overcome these.

Andreas Juliusson, 
PR & Marketing Manager, Fast Travel Games AB

For more information about the VRX Conference, including registration, which is still available at this time, visit the official site for the details.

Updated: October 31, 2018 — 12:40 pm