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VR Arcade Summit: 2017 Preview

The Virtual Reality Strategy Conference takes in San Francisco this week, on the 25th and 26th. More than one conference on virtual reality, it’s a three-dimensional trifecta of boutique events that covers its event namesake, enterprise VR and VR arcades. In particular, let’s take a look at the VR Arcade Summit, a half-day event on the 26th that follows the successful two-day VR Arcade Conference from earlier in the year in Silicon Valley:

Why, when there are so many VR conferences and events in the world, is a VR arcade conference a unique addition to the rich portfolio of events? Perhaps the best argument is the potential long-term value of the VR arcade market. This recent Forbes article conjectures that VR arcade gaming might take a decent bite out of an estimated $45 billion market value for VR by 2025. While VR is widely perceived as being in the midst of a “trough of disillusionment”, where hype has been deflated and expectations adjusted in the near-term, there is arguably positive expectations for virtual reality in the longer run. The VR Arcade Summit will no doubt address current realities and future hopes for large-scale deployment of virtual reality hardware and content in the entertainment arena content.

The summit includes eight sessions and several hours of access to the expo floor, which will showcase attractions and technology demos. Attendees from the earlier VR Arcade Summit may recognize a few of the agenda topics for this summit, but the topics remain relevant, insightful and interesting and may be updated for interested attendees  while being presented in a condensed half-day form amidst the other VR topics presented at the VR Strategy Conference.

If you’re interested in attending the VR Arcade Summit, registration remains open for business. Expo access is $25 and the full half-day pass is $245.

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Editor’s Note: Events for Gamers is a media partner with the VR Arcade Summit.


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