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Video of the Month – VIVECON 2021

We’re seeing more VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) events in 2021 than ever in past years. This might actually be the first year that one has the opportunity to attend some sort of major VR/AR conference every single month, maybe a couple of times even.

Plenty of interesting news is announced at these conferences with many new products and technologies often shown at the opening keynote events. Sometimes there’s diamonds in the rough of the background of conferences too, but today we pull one shiny diamond right out of the main keynote.

We’re huge hardware geeks here at Events for Gamers. Any chance we get to review or take a peek under the hood of a new piece of technology, we’re all over it. At VIVECON 2021 this year we got a glimpse of the next-level of VR headsets, software, and platforms. Even subtle improvements in comfort of headsets was a welcome announcement. Usually these are ignored for more mature technology, but anything that can improve new tech like VR is worth mentioning.

Don’t let the expectedly drawn out and PR-heavy speak of the keynote stop you from taking in what’s going to be an interesting next couple of years in VR technology:

A quick list of highlights that focus on the VR headset technology (VIVE PRO 2):

  • Healthcare and public safety AR software advances
  • VR headset that has many disconnecting parts for replacing, cleaning, etc.
  • Higher res (a crazy 4896 x 2448 which should mostly remove the screen door effect).
  • More indicators than we’ve ever seen for battery life and performance tiers
  • Microphones are now even being included in these headsets for multiplayer support.

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