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Video of the Month — The Game Awards 2021 Highlights

Arguably, the biggest event in the game industry in and around the holiday season, hosted in Los Angeles and online on Dec. 9, The Game Awards 2021 represented a couple of milestone opportunities for the game industry. It was both a celebration of some of the biggest games from the last year, and even more than that, an open door to reveal new games and more for next year to a large audience

The original event and livestream for The Game Awards 2021 clocked in at almost four hours, but there are a number of crisply edited videos online, which are videos trimmed to a selection of key reveals, winners, and other highlights. For this month’s video, let’s check out Washington Post Gaming’s YouTube edit of the event.

In not-quite 13 minutes, this video is neatly carved into 31 segments that start with the the host, Geoff Keighley, walking through the audience and closing out with the “Game of the Year” announcement. In-between the bookends, there’s plenty of the more memorable celebrities-doing-gaming-things moments, new games and content, and winners in headlining categories like “Best Indie Game” and “Best Ongoing Game” packed into the video. Let’s just say it’s enough of a CliffsNotes version of the event that you can keep up with most conversations with your gamer friends and colleagues.

But if you’d like to check out all the winners, reveals, and other announcements that was packed into The Game Awards 2021 full-length ceremony, swing by the original YouTube link, pop open a beverage and snack and settle in for a longer watch.

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